Goal's Vision By: jacob cardon

Career Goal
  • S- I'm going to become a Japanese cuisine chef
  • M- This will cost depending if i get my own restaurant around 15000 dollars i think. if i don't get my own restaurant then its probably more like 10000 dollars.
  • A- i will need my food handlers permit. i will also need some knife skills. i have some teachers that can help me achieve these things. and i will need a good education too.
  • R- steps to achieve goal.
  • step 1: graduate from school
  • step 2: move to japan
  • step 3: become a disciple of a Japanese chef there.
  • T- this goal will take me about 2-15 years most likely.
Family Goal
  • S- to help take care of my nieces and nephew who is coming soon.
  • M-Wont cost anything
  • A-Parenting skills are needed, and my sister and her husband can help me with this goal.
  • R-Steps for goal
  • step 1: getting the kids to like me/ gaining their trust
  • step 2: work out a time for me to be there and help watch over them/ play with them
  • step 3: help guide them to a happy life where they can smile everyday with no worries.
  • T-This would most likely take 3 years at least, and at most 9 years
Financial Goal
  • S- To start saving for my trip to japan.
  • M- this will coast me 1500 dollars most like to catch a plane ride there. and then another 20000 to make a living there for the first few months.
  • A- the skills needed at this point is budgeting and getting a job. the people that can help me are my parents and a friend of mine who has gone to japan on numerous occasions.
  • R-Steps for goal
  • step 1: Get a job or two
  • step 2:live with my parents till i have saved enough
  • step 3:book a flight to start my journey.
  • T- depending on how much i get payed it would take me about 3 years maybe.
Physical Goal
  • S- to stay healthy and active.
  • M- this depends on if i go to the gym or not
  • A- No skills needed for this, i can have a teacher help me, or my parents, or even my friends.
  • R- Steps for goal
  • step 1: Make a route-en for myself
  • step 2: follow that route-en for a while (like a week to a month)
  • step 3: then edit and improve if needed.
  • T- This is a life goal. it will end when i am not longer physically able to do it.
Social Goal
  • S- To be able to make new friends
  • M- no cash is needed
  • A- starting and carrying a conversation is a skill i am going to need. and i can practice this on people i don't talk to usually.
  • R- Steps for goal
  • step 1: find someone to practice on
  • step 2: find out how your going to talk to them
  • step 3: talk to them
  • step 4: and then repeat till i feel like i have nailed it.
  • T- this can last from now in the next hour till 30 years later. (I would like to have it done sooner though.)
Spiritual/Emotional Health
  • S- Gonna keep a calm but fierce spirit
  • M- No cash needed for this.
  • A- one skill i need to practice more is the skill of patience and understanding. i can practice this on people who are having problems with life and try helping them.
  • R- Steps for Goal
  • step 1: try understanding before intescifying
  • step 2: be reasonable with everything i hear
  • step 3: talk rationally to see what i can fix so it fixes to my idea as much as possible
  • T- This could take very little time from 5 min. of calming down to a few months to make this a habit to do.


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