A Day In The Life... by destiny's children


by: Julia Santiago

The General Academic Strand is anything but general. In Ateneo De Manila University, the seven sections that make up this particular strand consist of the most diverse set of individuals whose drive and passion let them not only excel academically, but in other fields as well. A GA student is open-minded, prepared to take on any challenge, be it within the classroom or outside. Indecisive is the wrong word to describe a GA student -- in reality, they could be the most driven individuals in Senior High School.


by: Julia Santiago

Once the bell rings signifying the end of the day, the student almost forgets to pack up their things in anticipation to get out of the classroom and embark on what awaits them outside. For this particular student – theatre arts. The student runs their lines on their way to Dulaang Sibol, a place that has become a sanctuary for them. Inside, the musky scent overwhelms them, the old seats and low stage disappearing before them and being filled with an audience and a spotlight. The rest of their org mates arrive, all with the same passion and fire as they hold and together, they perform. Together, they excel.

In another classroom, another student packs up their water colors and scurries down the stairs. They get home as quickly as possible, rush through their homework. Then, the sketchbook comes out. They fill a few jars with water. They pull out all their paintbrushes. They crack open their watercolors. They sketch until their hands hurt and then, they paint.

Finally, another student rushes to the library at the ring of the bell. Their fetcher doesn’t come until a few hours later so they have time to kill. They consider grabbing a snack, but their fingers are itching to dance around a keyboard, their brain humming with stories and characters and emotions. The student takes a seat in the library. They crack open their laptop. A word document already sits there, unfinished ideas running amok. They grin. They write

Dulaang Sibol Play
Open Mic organized by The PUGAD Org

of THE achiever

by: Lorenzo Vesagas

Academically, the typical GA student usually studies all of the core subjects as well as the different specialized subjects that have roots in other strands. They do not have any strand-specific subjects like ABM or STEM, but instead have a curriculum that is more all-around.

On several occasions, GA students have bested the other strands in academic events such as the Bible Study Quiz Bee and some have managed to attain First Honors in their First Semester here in the Senior High School.

A GA student usually enters the classroom early in the morning, and much like any other high school student they either study, or relax first in the classroom. The students usually waits until MIP, and from there begins their daily routine of listening to their lectures of Math, Science, Filipino, English and other such subjects in their Academic life. Many have their own respective orgs such as the Debaters Org, Akbay and many more. At the end of the day these students come home tired, exhausted but having learned something new from these lectures.

Bible Quiz Bee Winners


by: Mika Aromin

A life of a student athlete is definitely a challenge. Waking up early in the morning after training late at night is the first challenge they have to go through everyday. As soon as they wake up, they panic about the unfinished homework due on the same day. Being a student athlete requires them to maintain a healthy diet, manage their grades and regularly attend training all at the same time. As student athletes, they have personal goals they aim to achieve in their careers such as, making the team, winning the gold, and getting the MVP award. A typical day in the life of an athlete is certainly not an easy thing to go through everyday but it is surely one worth living if one has the determination, perseverance and support to achieve their dream.

Abai Llenos of 11-Canisius
Suzanne Himor of 11-Canisius
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Destiny's Children


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