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Hanna Mia is a performing artist, singer-songwriter with a unique voice. Hanna Mia has been recording music both as Hanna Mia, but released the songs for her song-a-day project under the artist name Mill.

Drawing on her Icelandic and Swedish heritage Hanna Mia brings a unique cultural mix of expression to her audiences, writing and performing in several languages. With heartwarming humor and storytelling she brings joy to the crows during and in between her songs.

After growing up in Stockholm, Sweden Hanna Mia moved to Berlin when she was 19 years olf to work on her music and released her first EP and full length album independently 2011/2014. After five years in Germany, she returned to her second home, Iceland, to build her music career from momentum of a collaboration with Germany’s top YouTubers, through the #WomenCreate project run by Google in 2016. Eventually collaborating with some of Scandinavias’s most legendary musicians she is honoured for her active work on equality and anti-discrimination. Her songs explore themes of identity, love, injustice and human rights. Performing with humour and intention, Hanna Mia is known to immerse her audience in a journey that is both fun and empowering– making time fly and hearts filled with joy.

For the past three years she has studied New Media Music Composition at the Iceland University of the Arts and performing with her band at various festivals all over Iceland.

For her final thesis at the Icelandic University of Arts Hanna Mia decided to create an endurance art performance under the artist name Mill and write a song every day for a year and upload it on YouTube. She performed some of the songs live in concert the same day they were written. Her project was followed closely by the Icelandic media and broadcasted live in the evening news. In the end of the project Hanna Mia recorded and released a "Best Of" album with selected songs from the year called Woman's World (365 Days). The 365 songs can all be seen on YouTube.

Hanna Mia's debut EP, Banana Tree was recorded in Berlin and independently released in 2011. The album was song ideas for a Brazilian surfing TV show who requested demos after seeing her busk on the streets of Copenhagen that same year. It is a happy heart warming EP which mirrors her playfulness and joy. Hanna Mia worked with Berlin based producer Marcel Brell and Marvin Brooks. Banana Tree EP

Hanna Mia is currently working on her new EP "Human", basing herself in Reykjavik, Iceland to write and create. She is also preparing for her graduation performance from the Iceland University of the Arts that will be streamed as a living room from Reykjavik on May 17th 2020. HUMAN EP Demo



Photos by Patrik Ontkovic
Photo by Emily Reise


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'She has a unique sound with a wide range of musical capability, but if I had to compare her to another singer I know the sound of well, I’d say she reminds me of both Norah Jones and Judy Garland. Her voice has a haunting beauty among minor chords that emits an entirely different feel when she sings in a major key.' - Diana Southern writer for North to South



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