Turn the heads at all occasions in drop-dead gorgeous Cocktail dresses!

Are a number of invites awaiting you for chilled out cocktail parties? Confused, as to which dress would be more ‘into the mood’ for the evening? You can count on quality satin or viscose all stitched up into pretty dresses that fit into the dire needs of wardrobe for cocktail parties.

While you can go for polka dots and floral textures, the long floor-touching gowns and super short skirts are better kept aside for other events.

Since most of the time it is a private chilled out ambience in cocktail parties, you need to keep it simple yet glam. How about an absolutely different hairdo - a differently tied braid or an all straightened hairdo?

The buzz word is that the length of your cocktail dress may vary from mid-thighs to your mid-calves- the ultimate party admit.

While these chic dresses do the rounds for friendly cocktail fine-dine affairs, for those parties that are clocked right after your work hours, ensembles like a trendy, sleek blazer or leather jacket or shrug boasting asymmetric designs can make up your cocktail attire.

No matter what, do not forget to accessorize to the optimum with a ‘perfecto’ pair of high heels for cocktail parties. And as far as makeup is concerned, at times only nude lips and a gorgeous eye makeup can be satiating for your look.



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