Personality Project Kyle Bulseco

The Rorschach Inblot test is a psychogical test in which the patient is shown various inkblots and is asked to reveal their perspective. Their response is analyzed using psychological interpretations. The purpose is to examine a person´s personality characteristics and emotional functioning and detect any underlying thought disorders.

In this inkblot I see the Batman. Despite the fact that he is one of my favorite superheroes, I see him because I´ve always wanted to be a superhero. I have always wanted to help people in any way I could even when I was a little kid. This could stem from the fact that at times, I felt helpless as a kid.
In this inkblot I see a bug. This is probably because I have slight phobia of bugs thinking they might crawl in my mouth or in my ears when I am sleeping. This incident has happened a few times and it freaks me out.
In this inkblot I see two old ladies praying. I don´t consider myself super religious but I do go to church almost every Sunday hence the reason why I think of two nuns when I see this picture.
The birth order effect refers to how the order a child is born impacts thier personality. Birth order is often believed tohave a profound and lasting effect on psychological development. Although studies mostly suggest zero to near-zero effects, it has a strong presence in popular culture
Kris, Me, KJ

In my family, I am the middle-child of 3 boys. My older brother KJ is 23 and my younger brother is 16. Although I am not sure whether or not birth order has affected me, I believe the middle borns section describes me fairly accurately. The top 3 adjectives I identify myself with on this list are a strong negotiator, independent, and easy-going.

As a strong negotiator, I can successfully convince any one of my family members 9 times out of 10 to do something they initally don't want to do (it probably sounds manipulative but I promise I am a good person). For example, a month ago my younger brother had been asking my mom for weeks to get the new iphone 7 with little luck. With my negotiating skills, and a little help from my older brother, we were able to convince my mom to get an iphone 7 for the whole family the next day. Coincidence? I think not.
I have always liked to be independent. I like to know that I can handle things by myself and don't have to fully rely on someone to do things for me. I take pridet in my own abilities. I hate asking people for money, when my mom cleans my room for me, and being told I can't do something.
Being easy-going has always been a part of my personality. I don't like to get into arguments but I will argue for what is right and what is wrong. I typically like to go with the flow as long as it does not interfere with my moral values.

Humanistic Perspective (maslow and rogers)

  • Idea of self-concept vs. ideal self or hierarchy of needs
  • Self concept: the individual's belief about himself or herself, inclding the person's attributes and who and what the self is (Carl Rogers)
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs: motivational theory comprising of a five tier model of human needs. One must successfully complete one tier before moving on to the other.

1. Physiological needs: I am lucky enough to lucky enough to have food and water ready to be consumed at all times. I have a nice bed that keeps me well-rested and a house for warmth during the winter times.

2. Security needs: I feel no danger whether I am at home or at school.

My family (Bryzzo is my dog)

3. Belongingness and love needs: I am also lucky enough to still have both of my parents in my life who still love each other. I have a good relationship with my parents and my brothers who love me unconditionally. My friends are also great people who I look to for support.

4. Esteem needs: I have accomplished a few things in my lifetime. The one accomplishment I am striving for right now is graduating high school with a 5.0 GPA. I would say I am in between this tier and the next on Maslow's hierarchy.

5. Self-Actualization: This is probably where I focus most of my attention on. Every day I wake up thinking to myself how I can make myself a better person. Recently, I began to read more and bough a ukulele to learn how to play it. Guess what song this is, I cut out my voice to save your ears.

Locus of control: the extent to which people believe they have power over the events in their lives. A person with internal locus of control believes he or she have power and influence over events and thier outcomes. On the other hand, a person with external locus of control believes they have no power over events and external forces are in control. Developed by Rotter.

Personally, I am an internal locus of control believer. I believe that very few things in this world are uncontrollable. People believe that how "smart" you are exclusively controlled by external forces along with love and health. I can argue the opposite.

If we are comparing how "smart" a student like my age is based on grades; the only thing that they need is a hard work ethic in order to achieve decent grades. There is absolutely no way that a student could work hard and get less than a C in my opinion. Of course there could be a bad teacher and other forces that could impact how "smart" you are but only on rare occasions. I believe that my grades are 99.9% under my control.

For me, I don't necessarily believe that everybody has a single soul mate and that fate or some other force will draw you to them. I think that there are multiple people in the world for you and it is up to you to find one of them.

Health is an internal locus of control and external to a certain degree. Weight is definitely controllable unless a disease I do not know of can cause a person to be overweight. However, diseases like cancer and genetics are out of your control. My health is important to me and lifestyle. Here's a video of me on Halloween.

Learned helplessness vs. learned optimism (Seligman)

Learned helplessness: behavior when a human or animal endures repeatedly painful stimuli in which it is unable to avoid. After a certain amount of time, the human or animal gives up trying realizing it has no control.

Learned optimism: Opposite of learned helplessness; behavior when a human or animal constantly and consciously challenges any negative. It is part of positive psychology.

Thumbs up

I have learned that absolutely nothing is beneficial from thinking that you have no control over what you are doing. Through this optimistic mindset, I feel like I bounce back quicker from failure, my day is brighter, and more confident. I think the single, worst thing that person can be is pessimistic because I think the most important thing to be in life is happy and nobody likes to be around a person who is pointing out all the negatives (besides other pessimists of course).


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