Does Your Program Need to Hit the Gym? The Success You Need To Kick Off 2020

What Do You Need to Kick It into High Gear?

AS the new year and new decade rolls in, many people are starting to take an individual look at themselves to see what areas need improvement in their lives. The new year's resolution trend can also be applied to a company! Many businesses can and should take a look at specific places that need improvement.

One common area that many companies consistently look to enhance is how to improve sales and overall employee satisfaction.

Data is the DNA of your business.

Setting tangible goals is one of the best ways to achieve long-term plans to better yourself individually at the gym and professionally in the workplace, and the right Incentive program is the key to success in attaining your corporate goals.

We Are the "Trainers" For Your Program

Is it time to tackle those company resolutions?

We all need a little shape-up every once in a while, and one of the best ways to get your company in shape is by hiring Galactic as your "personal trainer" to help you reach your goals!

In the gym, a personal trainer is there for you every step of the way from day one. They want you to hit your goals and performance metrics just as much as you do, because it's their passion! And that's exactly how we at Galactic serve our customers.

With us as your "personal trainers," we are there for you by providing services that can't be matched internally. We work full-time to help create your corporate "work-out routine" that will motivate, improve performance and achieve success for your business.

The GALACTIC Advantage

See that guy over there? --> that'll be you when working with Galactic, knowing that your customers and employees are motivated and your ROI is positively enriching your company!

Galactic has 4 new innovative advantages for the new decade that can enhance your current and future programs!


GLOWS works for you!

Galactic's Loyalty and Overall Wholesale Solutions (GLOWS) assists executives in making key decisions regarding allocating efforts, maximizing potential, engaging their sales force, efficiently coordinating deliveries, targeting specific areas, and more.

GPS Events HQ

Example of the app working for a paris-themed trip.

Our proprietary mobile app engages your participant and keeps you at their fingertips. Every aspect of the app is customized for your program, so no two app designs are the same! The GPS Events HQ is your home to engaging your customers before, during and after your trip. It is the home to quick customer service chat and engaging with other participants.


Galactic's Reporting And Information Network

As Galactic's complete reporting solution, our staff has immediate access to all information needed to make sure participants are taken care of and their needs are met whether it's during the registration process or on-site. The Reporting And Information Network gives clients a plethora of reporting tools, including flight manifests, hotel rooming lists, activity confirmations, passenger reports, mailing and email lists, and more!

Corporate Travel Management

Galactic's corporate travel management balances the needs of the individual traveler with the goals of your company. We give you the tools needed to track everything from expenditures down to flights and travel disruptions. The goal is to increase employee compliance with programs that mirrors existing travel policies while reducing travel costs.

See how GALACTIC PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS can help achieve your business objectives.


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Evan Curtis