Doges Anthony ward

When I was younger my house always had dogs, there was never a day a dog was not in our house. When one died we would have another one in the house and off getting another one. When I got the first dog I was living with my aunt in kindergarten and after a while he moved to my grandparents house. I would see him every time I went there to visit. A couple years down the road we got another dog from some people late at night. A couple years later I moved into my grandparents house. 2 years after he moved into my grandparents house and he and my other dog frequently went into every one's bed.

The young one is brown and white. So is the other dog. My aunt got him 7 years ago. His name is JagerMeister. He is very hyper and jealous. He also wants what he wants when he wants, if you're in bed and he wants to go down stairs, you have to get up bring him downstairs...then he turns and goes up stairs. The other dog is Sunny and he has the same colors as the other one. He is calm unless you just come home and he's very protective. When people come to our house he will try to bite them. Since he's old he's not as hyper but extremely jealous. Both dogs will push each other out of the way to get pet.

One of the dogs isn’t a bother but the younger one is always going onto people's bed. If a door is open he will jump onto the bed and refuse to get up without food. The other one is too old to jump onto beds more than a foot off the ground, and mine is a couple inches off the ground so he just goes on and lays down. The young one is younger and can jump higher than a door frame so he jumps on my bed and even in the dark you can see his face a inch away from yours. He does this until you give him a blanket to sleep under then lays down right next to you. I'm sometimes on my phone or trying to sleep when he does this.

Most mornings at 1 o’clock he wakes me up to sleep on my bed. I sometimes kick him off if he’s being annoying and keep me awake. And sometimes i'm just too tired to care so I lift my blanket, he lays down, and I just fall asleep. Then if someone walks by the door he uses my leg as a bounce board. The other one does not sleep with me a lot but when he does he sleeps on my bed for 10 minutes then jumps off. But there both to cute to kick off most of the time so I don't bother most of the time. They both smell though. They also rip my blankets off. Even though they are my dogs… I don't forgive them.

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