The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Da ey kim


The inside of the theater was very quiet and dimly lit. When I entered the theater I got the same feeling that I do when I enter a movie theater, but a bit more formal as I was dressed for the occasion. The stage itself was very beautifully created. There was a colored glass window in the back and multiple beds set on the stage for the opening scene.There were many rows of seats and I was seated in the front row of the far left of the stage. I typically sit in the far middle of the theater in hopes of viewing the entire stage in the full glory, but our seats were great. The cast members at the beginning interact with the audience and I was very close to the door where they entered. It was a new experience being a part of that style of a play. When the lights dimmed and the audience grew silent I was very excited to see what was going to happen next. My focus was entirely on the stage and I was caught off guard when they entered through the side door closest to the audience not the stage. I really liked the size of the auditorium. It was not huge but it still sat a decent amount of people. I feel like plays are best appreciated in an intimate setting. Place is important to the good life because it really sets the tone of what is happening around you. You tend to focus more and appreciate more when the place is quiet and beautiful.

My friend Keily and I dressed up and posed near the box office before the start of the play!


I chose to attend the play with one of my best friends Keily. We were both pretty excited and decided to dress up. We didn't really know anyone else at the play but talked to the people around us and asked if they knew about the play. I think because I attended the play with a close friend I was able to have more fun. It's nice when you have someone to laugh with and acknowledge during the play itself. The theater may have been filled with strangers but we were all unified for a moment by the content we were watching. Shared experiences allow us to grow and understand new opinions that aren't our own. An important part of the good life is appreciating and sharing opinions with other people and that is exactly what this performance did.


The entire play was set in the late 1880s and was set in Quebec city. The play is a conflict between the Catholic Church and theater. I did not know much about the subject matter going into the play. The play really focused on poverty and the conflict of religion. I realized the power of religion and the power of poverty in this play. Talbot displays that often people are not able to get the jobs that they truly want because of financial reasons. This really hit me because I gave up my dreams as a musician because I knew in the end I would never be able to profit in any form.


The play provides an opportunity for katharsis because it exposes the lies and the hypocrisy of the people. The play allows us to see the consequences of these people's actions and realize that there is really conflict all around even with the exposure of coming clean. The play shows that even religion holds it's flaws. The play really allowed me to reflect on the conflicts and focus on the socially uncomfortable topics.

Took a selfie at the end to commemorate a great performance!

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