The Road Not Taken by: Robert Frost

Poem Analyzation by: Sophie Huff

"The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, is an example of narrative poetry. It takes place in the woods on a trail that suddenly forks and the person on this trail is indecisive on which trail to take because both look very similar. Although they are both very similar one is a bit more worn than the other. So in the end this person decides to take the trail that's less worn and says that that decision made all the difference.

This poem is written in stanzas with the rhyme scheme abaab. The rhyme however, is only a half rhyme and is only used at the end of each line.

In this poem Robert Frost uses three kinds of figurative language. The first one used is imagery. For example, "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood". This is imagery because it uses one of your five senses to create an image, in this case two roads that diverged into the autumn forest. This was just one of many examples of imagery used in this poem.

The second use of figurative language is personification. For example, "Because it was grassy and wanted wear". This implies that the road was grassy and wanted to be worn, which gives it a human characteristic. Therefore it being an example of personification.

The third and final use of figurative language is connotation. Connotation is an implied meaning and in this poem the implied meaning is many decisions, even the small ones, could make a huge difference in your life.

After reading this poem several times and really understanding it in depth I have come to realize that all of my decisions have an impact on my future. Whether they're good or bad, the tiniest of decisions can make a huge difference in my life.

I think Robert Frost was really trying to get the message out there that you should make your decisions carefully because of the impact they can have and that sometimes you should make choices for your self and not always do what other people tell you to do because it may have a bad impact on you. Sometimes the better choice is not always the popular one.

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