Tornadoes and wildfires by marques

Tornadoes are violent rotating column of air extending.most tornadoes are made near Canada. they need warm, moist air and cool dry air to from. they can destroy a 50 mile long and 1 mile wide path. Tornadoes have a bad effect on people because they destroy people homes. Tornadoes look like a funnel shape. In a year 1000 tornadoes are formed. some contain multiple vertices that are small. some times more than one tornado can be in a area at the same time.


Now we are going to talk about wildfires. wildfires can occur anywhere. most people use a Pulaski to put out a wildfires. they can destroy people house and animal habitat. they cause a lot of smoke. the smoke can have a bad effect on people with lung disease. they occur in the wild when it is dry land.most wildfires cause forest fires.

Created By
marques Brown


Created with images by skeeze - "wildfire forest fire" • NOAA Photo Library - "nssl0054" • skeeze - "wildfire forest fire"

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