PLANTS just plants by: jayden Falanco

Bryophytes a small flowerless green plant of the division bryophytes, which comprises the mosses and liverworts. They can grow one to two centimeters tall They lack tissues to provide structure and support. Java moss,andhornworts are two examples.

Gymnosperms a plant that has seeds unprotected by an ovary or fruit. Gymnosperms include the conifers, cycad,and ginkgo. They do not have an outer covering or around their seeds. They do not produce fruits. The Eastern white pine and english yew.

Angiosperms a plant that has flowers and produces seeds enclosed within a carpel. The angiosperms are a large group and include shrubs, grasses, and most trees. have carpels that enclose developing seeds that may turn into a fruit. Angiosperms have small pollen grains. Roses, tulips, and tomatoes.


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