Elements of Composition Constructed by Megan Morgan

This is a hand carved flag; it was made when my dad was in the U.S. Air Force. It represents pattern by the shading of the stripes. The pattern is interfered with a blue stripe then it goes back to the pattern of the stripes.

This is my ceiling and my fan. This represents texture because the ceiling is painted with texture paint. Also the ceiling has bumps or ridges that it looks like you can feel them through the picture. The fan also represents texture because in your mind you can feel the fan when you look into the picture.

This is a picture of my driveway. This represents leading lines because my driveway leads to my house. Also you can see the lines where the driveway starts and ends. These leading lines go up where I live, where my happy, family live, and my three dogs. These leading lines lead up to great memories in my house.

This my window looking at a view of the hills in front of my house. This represents framing because my window has a frame around it. Also you can see a great view which you only get when houses on top a hill.

These are my dogs in my living room. The small, gray, dog is Oliver. The medium, black, dog is Koda. The medium, white, and brown dog is Suebee. This represents rule of thirds because the dogs; the objects I was focusing on is in two or more squares out of the nine squares in the photo.

This is a picture of someone fishing, it was a beautiful, picture that my mom bought. This represents space because the picture is on a wall with nothing around it. This picture gives the wall some taste.

This is a flower that is in front of my house. This represents shallow depth of field because the flower in the front is clear and the background is fuzzy

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