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August 1st, 2017

  • Salvo's Tips
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  • Thunder Spotlight
  • Where's Thunder?
  • Thunder Successes
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  • NAB Sponsor Days
  • Coaching Workshop Win - F Pelligrini
  • What's Happening at Captain Cook
  • Thunder Hosts Football Qld
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SWQ THUNDER FC PS4 NPL Premier Leagues Club - EST. 2012

Salvo's Tips


Salvo's Tips are best read in an Italian accent for maximum effect!

Everybody (SWQ Thunder players) should be striving week in, week out to achieve their primo (best) performance. There are many facets to meeting this objective, last month we covered nutrition and the very important role it plays in your preparation. This month we focus on your mental strength to help improve your game!

Some techniques and behaviours below to help every footballer reach their full potential:

  • Mental Toughness
  • Handling Pressure
  • Modify Behavior
  • Get More from Practice
  • Managing Time
  • Know what you need to focus on
  • Focus on only what you can control
  • Stay relaxed under pressure
  • Use cue words and self talk
  • Use Imagery

Ciao, Salvo!

NAB Sponsor Days

Thanks to NAB for their recent sponsorship of the SWQ Thunder FC home games at Clive Berghofer Stadium. The balloons especially were enjoyed by many - both children and adults alike.

Coincidentally - or not! - our SWQ Thunder FC Men have won both games that the NAB Sponsors have attended. Could they be our Lucky Charm?

What's Happening at Captain Cook?

The SWQ Thunder Board is pleased to announce that the Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) Sports and Recreation department has approved, in principal, the lighting of Captain Cook Field 1 (West side of MacGregor Street). This field (CC Fld 1) will be available for use in late 2017 for the SAP Program, Thunder Academy and Thunder Teams to train in one area at Captain Cook Reserve! This is a fantastic achievement by the Board that has taken many years of meetings, proposals and determination to achieve.

It is hoped that the club will secure funding in 2018 to proceed with lighting of Captain Cook Field 2. In addition, the club is also applying for grants to construct the Centre of Excellence at Captain Cook. Once funding is secured, this will enable Thunder to have all football training, meetings, video review sessions and clinics at the Captain Cook facility. Please refer to the attached artists impression below (indicative only).

The Centre of Excellence is a long term project not only because of the size and scope but of course because of the funding required. Lucky for us the Thunder Board displays the same resilience, determination and never give up attitude as our Thunder footballers!

Exciting times ahead for the SWQ Thunder Club as we forge ahead with cementing our position in Toowoomba and QLD as the premier football club on the Downs. Go Thunder!

Disclaimer: SWQ Thunder FC is using all of our powers of persuasion to keep this massive project moving along within our expected timeline, however we all know that the dreaded 'red tape' of officialdom often gets in the way of our plans. So we, SWQ Thunder FC, are determined to keep pushing on and in keeping with our attitude with the difficulties at Clive Berghofer Stadium, we will roll with the punches BUT will keep this project on track and as a priority for the future growth of our club.

Keep checking in to the Thunder Express where we will keep you updated with information.

Proposed Future SWQ Thunder FC Centre of Excellence @ Captain Cook Ovals.
SWQ Thunder proudly supports
"You may see me struggle, but you'll never see me giving up . . . " Wayne Rooney

Thunder Talk

  • CLEAN SHEETS from our Thunder Goalies, Luke McDonald (Vs Brisbane Strikers, Vs Brisbane Olympic), Anthony Passante (Vs Brisbane Strikers), H. Hepner (Vs Brisbane City), Jon Crowe (Vs Moreton Bay), Riley Mason (Vs Brisbane Olympic)
  • HATTRICKS, Chris McCarthy scored 3 goals (Vs Brisbane Strikers).
  • BAD FORM from Brisbane Olympic Men's Player (No 10 "Danny") who after playing in the 0-0 all draw vs the Thunder Men, showed very poor sportsmanship by walking from the field refusing to shake hands with anyone and giving the crowd by the Cans Bar a mouthful! #adulttantrum #gohomedanny #thunderplayersneverbehavesobadly
  • How do you know when you've watched too much football? Just ask a loyal Thunder supporter who suffered a "CRAMP IN HIS BUTTOCKS" while sitting in the stands watching the Thunder Men vs Brisbane Olympic! It all looked very painful but at least the Thunder fan made it to about the 87th minute before pulling up injured from his seat! The most prominent question asked: "How do you even stretch a bum muscle?" (Please don't answer that question)
  • There was NO POWER in the Cans Bar thanks to the Clive Berghofer Stadium renovations! NO WORRIES said Thunder who put the drinks on ICE and hooked up some lights. The ice was brutally cold on the servers hands but our over 18 supporters were kept happy.

Would you like your local community junior team to participate in the SWQ Thunder FC Home Games by being mascots and ballboys - please send an email registering your clubs interest to: community@swqthunder.com

Thunder Spotlight

We put the Spotlight on one of our Thunder family whether they be a coach, player, team, volunteer, manager, sponsor, board member or Thunder fan.

Tom fanning - VICE Captain, SWQ THUNDER FC Men

Nickname: Fanno

Age: 23

Position: #9 Centre/Attacking Midfielder

How long have you been playing Football? Since I was a young lad, I have always loved Football and still do.

Football Representative Honours? U19 QLD Shadow Player, Darling Downs Schoolboy Representative in Year 6, 7, 9, 10 & 12.

Best Football Memory/Achievement? Getting that first Win (2-1) for Thunder back in 2016 vs Northern Fury.

Football/Life Motto you live by? Live life to its fullest and don't let anyone tell you, you can't do something.

Football Team you Follow? Chelsea FC in EPL, Brisbane Roar in A-League and England in International.

Football Idol or Sports Icon who has influenced you the most? David Beckham & Lionel Messi.

Do you have a routine or superstition before you play? None really, however I always wear an armband which is in memory of "Jake Jones" who was sadly taken away. It keeps me motivated and reminds me to keep pushing and working hard.

Favourite Game Day Song?: AC/DC - Thunderstruck.

Worst Injury? Torn calf muscle, Broken Toes.

What's on your bucket list? Travel the world and experience a World Cup.

Favourite place in the world? Cairns.

Favourite Movie? Longest Yard or Blood Diamond.

What is your biggest addiction? Crackerjack Chicken.

What annoys you the most?: Luke Borean

What makes you happy? Playing Football with my mates, travelling and partying with mates.

Thank you Tom for spending time with us in the Thunder Spotlight!


SWQ Thunder FC hosted the Football QLD Board of Directors at Clive Berghofer Stadium on Saturday 28th July. Entertaining Senior Men's (U18 Boys, U20 Youth and Men's) matches provided the backdrop for a successful evening showcasing Thunder's strength and professionalism in the QLD football arena.

After Thunder successfully bid for inclusion in the 2018 NPL & NPLW Leagues we took this opportunity to thank Football QLD for their continued support and faith in our regions Football development.

Thunder had a fantastic response from local fans and the Stadium was full of supporters. Well done Thunder Football Family - it was wonderful to see us all come together in support of our club.

#I❤Thunder #thunderfootballfamily

Coaching Workshop Win

SWQ Thunder FC co-hosted a Coaching Workshop with Italian recruit Francesco Pelligrini (Francesco No. 2). All SWQ Thunder Coaches were in attendance and the club generously extended the invitation to all community coaches.

The event proved to be very successful with the Thunder Senior Men's, U20 Youth and U18's attending to provide live demonstration's of drills and exercises.

An informative evening with the added benefit of further educating our Coaches which benefits all Thunder players.

"SWQ Thunder FC - Committed to the development and enrichment of Thunder Players, Coaches and Community"

Where's Thunder

Wrap up of the NPL Competition Ladder and where the Thunder teams are on the ladder (current at time of publishing)

PS4 NPL Swq thunder fc
  • U12 Boys - 9th - out of 9 teams.
  • U13 Boys - 2nd - out of 9 teams.
  • U14 Boys - 9th - out of 9 teams.
  • U15 Boys - 3rd - out of 9 teams.
  • U16 Boys - 7th - out of 9 teams.
  • U18 Boys - 8th - out of 10 teams.
  • U20 Boys - 7th - out of 10 Teams
  • Senior Men - 10th - out of 12 Teams

* Several teams have games in hand.

PS4 WNPL swq thunder fc
  • U13 Girls - 7th - out of 10 teams.
  • U15 Girls - 8th - out of 11 teams.
  • U17 Girls - 9th - out of 9 teams.
  • Senior Women - 7th - out of 10 teams.

* Several teams have games in hand.

Vocal Thunder Supporters - Clive Berghofer Stadium

Thunder Successes

U13 Boys SWQ Thunder FC
  • Vs Brisbane City 1-0 Win
  • Vs Moreton Bay United 3-1 Win
  • Vs Moreton Bay 2-0 Win
U15 Girls swq thunder fc
  • Vs Brisbane Olympic 2-1 Win
  • Vs Brisbane City 4-2 Win
  • Vs Brisbane Strikers 3-0 Win
  • Vs Redlands United 3-1 Win
Women swq thunder fc

Vs Brisbane Olympic 3-1 Win

  • Vs Brisbane Strikers 1-0 Win
SWQ Thunder fc will again be hosting the football holiday Clinic's in the upcoming September/October school holidays! Keep an eye on our Facebook page and in the newsletter for links to the registration portal coming soon!


Congratulations to U14 & U13 SWQ Thunder Boys players on being selected in the U13 & U14 QLD Country Teams: Jack Debortoli (U14) Noah McGrath (U14), Luke Beutel (U13), Alexander Kiers (U13), Noah Lawson (U13) & Riley Willmot (U13). And a great effort by Jake Eiser (U14 Boys), Hunter Purcell (U14 Boys), Menphys Smith (U14 Boys), Brock Smith (U13 Boys), Jordynn Watts (U13 Boys) who were all named as Shadow players to the QLD Country Teams.

Thunder & You

SAVE THE DATE: SWQ Thunder FC Presentation Evening for the Junior Club & Senior Club will be held on September 1st. Time & Venue to be announced in the coming weeks via the SWQ Thunder FC Facebook page and Team Managers. Make sure you put this in your calendar!

DSL PHOTOGRAPHY - Do you want to purchase a copy of that fantastic photo that was taken of you playing on the weekend? It's easy - Just send a message to DSL Photography on their FB page. Click the link below or in the text to contact David)

Do you need to get in touch with Thunder? Some club contact details listed below for your information (please remember ALL of the volunteers who have generously given their time to manage these important club roles have their own careers/jobs that rightly come before Thunder, they will endeavour to get back to you in a timely manner) - alternatively see your team manager to be pointed in the right direction!

  • accounts@swqthunder.com (Financial/Fee Queries)
  • media@swqthunder.com (Media/FB/Newsletter Queries)
  • technical.director@swqthunder.com
  • jon@swqthunder.com (Junior Club Co-Ordinator)
  • wade@swqthunder.com (Chairman)
  • holidayclinics@swqthunder.com
  • academy@swqthunder.com
  • community@swqthunder.com (Community Engagement/Club Innovations and Ideas)
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