Term 3 Week 2 Newsletter

Welcome back to Anzac Park for Term 3. I trust that you and your children all had a great holiday and were able to spend time with family and friends. We are looking forward to a really exciting term. It was great to discuss the exciting learning programs our teachers have planned for your children during our Staff Development Day last week. In addition to a core focus on developing the literacy and numeracy skills of all of our students, there are some great units planned in our Inquiry Units this term.

100 Days of Kindergarten

The Kindy team enjoyed celebrating 100 Days with our students!
A look into Kindergarten's future as Centenarians!

On the last day of Term 2 Kindergarten celebrated 100 days of school! While it has been an 'unusual' first semester, the Kindy team are extremely proud of all that our hardworking students have achieved and are excited to see what the next 100 days will bring. Congratulations to Kindergarten on a wonderful beginning to big school!

Welcome Nerida our Wellbeing Pastoral Carer

Nerida Gallagher is our new Wellbeing Pastoral Carer at APPS. She is funded by the National School Chaplaincy Program. Her role is as an additional support person fostering the social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of students, staff, and parents, regardless of their background. Alongside the wellbeing team, she will be offering pastoral care to students through in-class support, individual mentoring and social skills programs. She will be working with Anzac Park on Thursdays and Fridays.

2021 Kindergarten Enrolments

The places we have available for students starting Kindergarten in 2021 are filling quickly. This term I will begin meeting with all our new students as I conduct enrolment interviews. Our transition to school program gets underway soon. If you have a child or know of a family considering enrolling at Anzac Park in 2021 please encourage them to contact the school as a matter of urgency to get the enrolment process underway.

Teacher Professional Learning

Building a positive learning culture at our school is a core part of all of our work. Central to this work is the professional learning of our staff. Research clearly shows us that one of the factors which has the most significant impact is when teachers work collaboratively to focus on student learning. On Staff Development Day last week, our teachers focused on 'What Works Best' and teaching practices that have the biggest impact on student learning.

A Snapshot from Forest

In Forest this term we are learning about how to create a strong argument in English. We are excited to be reading the picture book 'Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus' by Mo Willems. The class have showed off their artistic skills by creating colourful pigeon paintings using watercolour. We have been continuing to enjoy our study by role playing the pigeon and bus driver characters to help us learn more about statements, questions and commands. During our Discovery Learning time we have also had the chance to experiment and play with Ozobots to retell the story through story maps. It has been a great start to Term 3 in Forest.

APPS Needs You!

Thank you to all the wonderful members of our community who have already signed up to our Learning Partnerships program. Teachers across the school have begun contacting some of our current volunteers to begin mentoring projects and other exciting initiatives.

However for the future success of this project we would love more members of our community and wider industry to join us! The program will partner community and industry with teachers & students. It will provide opportunities for:

  • sharing experiences and skills to inspire our students about different pathways and opportunities for their future
  • consulting with teachers who seek to enrich school curriculum
  • providing students with a real world expert in their area of interest
  • providing students or educators an opportunity for meaningful workplace experiences
  • communicating knowledge or mentoring students via online platforms

If you are interested in learning more or would like to volunteer, please visit: https://web2.anzacpark-p.schools.nsw.edu.au/

If you would like to learn more about the benefits for our students of Learning Partnerships and view some case studies and success stories please see: https://research.acer.edu.au/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1020&context=policy_analysis_misc

Health Reminders

My sincere thanks constantly go to our whole school community for the way in which you have all adhered to the current health guidelines. A couple of reminders:

  • Please remember that while social distancing requirements do not apply to children, they still do for adults. It is important that we minimise parent visits to the school site and that everyone is mindful of social distancing requirements when waiting for your child at pick up time.
  • It is important to keep your children at home if they are unwell. If you are unsure about whether they are ready to return to school, please seek advice from your doctor.
  • Current NSW Health advice is that anyone with respiratory symptoms or unexplained fever should be tested for COVID 19. This includes children.
  • If your child becomes unwell at school, we will call you to collect them immediately.
  • Please remind your child about good hygiene practices including hand washing and using sanitiser. The school has a good supply of soap and sanitiser. Children are not to share food at any time. This term we are not allowing cakes or treats to be brought to school for birthday celebrations.

Congratulations to our Silver & Gold Award Recipients!

Silver Awards are presented to students when they have received 3 Bronze Awards. Make sure you keep your child’s Bronze Awards safe and when they have collected 3, bring them into the office. Gold awards are presented to students when they have received 3 Silver Awards.