The Telegraph By: Madison hanna :)

The Telegraph is like a phone but it writes in Morse Code. Morse code is a invention that writes the alphabet in a way that has lines and also dots too. It was a very smart invention in the ( 1830's - 1840's ) and it was created by Samuel Morse. He created it because it could get message's to family's and friend's. It was great because friends and family's could not write to each other from long way's away if the Telegraph was not invented. And dad's could not send notes to their children or wife too. But because Samuel Morse was so generous he invented the Telegraph. And the ancient Greece, Egypt and China would just use smoke or drumbeats to signal others. Soon Samuel Morse and others created the electric Telegraph in the 19th century. And more used the electric Telegraph than the original Telegraph. But Samuel Morse was an intelligent man who created because if the Telegraph wasn't ever invented people would not have the idea of creating the Telephone. .

Samuel Morse was such an intelligent man and was a smart person for creating the Telegraph. It was important because it was like a phone but it was very different from a phone. It changed lives because a lot of people could not of talked to each other if it wasn't created. Samuel Morse was a beloved man back then.

You can tell why the Telephone and Telegraph was very different from each other. The people would rather use the Telephone then the Telegraph. Samuel Morse was depressed that people would not use his invention so much. He got an idea of helping to make the Telephone and he wasn't so depressed anymore. But still wished people would use his invention as much as the Telephone. He added a little piece of his thoughts to the Telephone and the other workers where impressed. Till this day Samuel Morse was remembered for making the Telegraph. Sadly, Samuel Morse died at the age of 80 in New York City and On April 2, 1872.


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