Magnetoreception By:sophia al-samarrai

What is magnetoreception?

Magnetoreception is when animals sense the magnetic force of the earth which allows animals like a sea turtles to find their way back to the same beach that they were born to have their babies or like a sparrow to migrate to warmer weather in the winter.

Where is this sixth sense?

Some scientists believe that this sixth sense is a chemical sensor in the eye its a protein called cryptochrome which makes animals able to see the magnetic fields the cryptochrome so far has been found in European robins, garden warblers, homing pigeons and domestic chickens. While the other theory is that in animals' bodies there are particles called magnetite which is the moist magnetic metal on earth. So far magnetite has been found in sea turtles, spiny lobsters, newt, rainbow trout and homing pigeons.

Do HUMANS have it too?

Some scientists believe that humans have the same ability as animals to sense magnetic fields they believe this because humans have both cryptochrome and magnetite which means that probably at some point in our evolutionary history we used them either to hunt or to ruturn to the same place.


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