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Alford Martine Worley was born November 2nd, 1877 in Columbus, South Carolina and passed away April 25th, 1933 in Robeson, North Carolina.

He is an old immigrant and was born in the United States of America. He lived in South Carolina for many years and in 1920, his residence was on Rlay Cord Road in Bayboro, Horry, South Carolina. I assume their neighborhood was rural and has lots of land for farming and livestock.

Alford married his wife, Mattie Doretha Stroud on December 20th, 1905. They had 5 children, Clyde, Alonzo, Janie, Bulah, and Cornell.

1920 United States Federal Census showing Alford, his wife Mattie, and their 5 children.

The census states that he was a "general farmer", but with further investigation and research, I was told he was a turkey farmer. The children went to school but still helped on the family farm with Alford.

Some new technologies that Alford and his family may have used was farming equipment that may have been developed around that time.

I don't believe that he joined a labor union because he was in business for himself and would have no need to involve himself with any of it. Also, since Alford and his family are old immigrants that were born in america, they most likely did not face any government policies that prohibited them from assimilation with society and they were natives themselves, therefore there probably wasn't a lot of discrimination towards them.

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