COM60203-0325016/ SoftBox making Exercise 3

Creating a SoftBox and use it to take a picture of an object. From the pictures below, we can see the different quality of the pictures. Picture 01 is taken with a Flash camera and without lightning in every sides from behind the tracing paper while Picture 02 taken with a Non-Flash Camera and with a lightning from behind the tracing paper in every sides. As we can see, the quality in Picture 002 is much better than Picture 01. Picture 02 is more elegant and smoother picture while Picture 01 we can see all the fingerprints there.
ISO : 100 | Shutter speed : 1/60 | Aperture : F5.6
ISO : 100 | Shutter speed : 1/13 | Aperture : F5.6
how to create your own SoftBox :


Cindy Brigita

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