The Spring Bazaar By juliette fischer

The WIS Spring Bazaar is an event that takes place every year on Tregaron campus. The Bazaar is a social gathering for friends and family of the WIS community, filled with fun games and activities, international food and more!

Our International Community

"It's a great event for our community because we gather for a fun time but also highlight the international community," Marcela Churchill, WIS Events Manager.

The Spring Bazaar really featured the diversity of our WIS community through food. With Dutch dishes and the international tearoom, attendees had many food choices.

The International Tearoom

One of the new additions to the Bazaar this year was the international tearoom. This new feature included various different teas accompanied by an assortment of snacks and dishes for attendees to enjoy.

"The bazaar really emphasizes our community and its diversity," Marcela Churchill.
Photo credit: Kerri Redding

The Sweets

Have a sweet tooth? You've come to the right place. The food is definitely one of the most important aspects of the Bazaar. There were many options including snow-cones, cotton candy, pastries and cupcakes. The crepes are always a favorite of WIS students.

"My favorite activity at the bazaar is probably eating food, such as the crêpes," Jessica Thomson, a WIS freshman.

Games and Activities

Photo Credit: Kerri Redding

Every year, the 10th graders go on a trip to New Orleans. Throughout the year they participate in several events to help raise funds for their trip. The Bazaar is great example of a such event. The 10th graders work in the arts and crafts, man the games and activities and help serve food.

Photo credit (top picture and bottom left) : Kerri Redding
"Having a really good team to take on the different aspects is extremely important," Marcela Churchill

Marcela Churchill is one of the main organizers of the WIS spring bazaar. This was her seventh year setting up the Bazaar. One of her main jobs is “making sure everyone has a great time from the parents who volunteer to the kids who come to the event."

Photo Credit: Kerri Redding

Capturing the Event

Kerri Redding, WIS' photography and robotics teacher, did a general coverage of this year's Bazaar. Using a combination of establishing shots and close ups, she captured the "the essence of the event". Her images are all up to view on the her Flickr album from the Bazaar.

"I love the idea of being a school photographer"

Due to the rain on the day of the bazaar, most of the activities and merchandise were moved inside. Unfortunately, Redding said "lighting in the gym was terrible", making it hard to take successful images.

A Social Gathering

The WIS Bazaar is truly a social event. Its a gathering of friends and family of the WIS community, coming together to celebrate our internationalism and have a good time.

"I think that the Bazaar represents WIS as a fun community and shows a link between the whole school, as it's a time when teachers, students and families, as well as primary schoolers, middle and upper schoolers get together," Jessica Thomson, a WIS freshman.


Juliette Fischer

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