Stress By:Clara guimarães

At Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro(EARJ) student had very strict parents, so she always work very hard and study a lot to get the best grades. One day she had had a rough night so she wasn't very active in the morning so she completely forgot she had a math quiz block 1. When she got to the classroom the teacher announced the quiz and started handing them out. The girl panicked. When the teacher told them to begin, the girl stated doing the test. She was sweating her heart was beating so fast she felt like it was going to pop out of her chest. She was down on the last two question, the only ones she didn't know how to do. It was something new they just had learned, and she wasn't completely firm with the subject. When she got home her parents were angrily waiting for her in the living. When she saw them she already knew what would have happened.

In EARJ students are able to see their grades everyday. Everyone knows that being a teenager these days is very stressful. Many students get overwhelmed with the amount of homework and being able to see your grade doesn't help at all. Students are not the only ones able to access the grades each parent gets a password so they are able to see their sons and daughters grades, so if you accidentally did bad on a quiz, you have to hope your parents don't access your grades that day.

Margaret shapiro a Washington Post reporter wrote an article about stress and teenagers. The American Physiological Association made a survey with 1,018 teenagers from ages 13 to 17 and 1,950 adults. She found out that many teens are reporting to be overwhelmed or depressed because of their high levels of stress caused by school.

"Many American teens report experiencing stress at unhealthy levels, appear uncertain in their stress management techniques and experience symptoms of stress in numbers that mirror adults’ experiences," according to the "stress in america" survey.

The amount of homework also doesn't help it leaves students with a lot to do after getting home late because of afterschool activities. One student at EARJ stays up every night frustrated and worried that he won't get her homework done. He wakes up early the next day not in the right "shape" to go to class. And, because he didn't sleep enough they are not as productive in class and end up getting more homework. That is not healthy for a teenager. They all have to be able to do their homework clear their doubts and study for tests in time to go to bed before dawn.

In the United States a survey called "stress in america" was made to research the amount of stress teens and adults have and where it it is the limit to still be healthy. For teens the results show that to be healthy teens have to have a 3.9% limit of stress and the results during the school year showed that teens have about 5.8% amount of stress. During vacation or holidays to teenager have 4.6% amount of stress.

There are many teachers at EARJ that concern themselves with the amount of stress students have. Many teachers question how much pressure it must be if students are able to look at their grades everyday. One teacher that has talked about it with her students several times in Ms.Mary de Sá. Ms. Sá always says that students having the ability to see their grades and knowing that their parents can access it everyday can be really stressful and students get paranoid with their grades. Not only Ms. Sá, but other teachers have mentioned kids stress inside school, so it isn't something kids are making up it is really happening.

A Psychologist called Kelly McGonigal made a ted talk about stress. In that Ted Talk she says that through her life she has said to her patients that stress is bad for you but as she did a research she found out that stress is only harmful to you if you believe it is. Stress can be turned into adrenaline and excitement, but many americans believe that stress is bad for you and by having this in your mind it increases the rate of possible heart related death.

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