Essential Rules of Basic Photography Alejandro Miranda


Spacing is when a image has a noticeably simple background that focuses the attention on subject of the image.

The main attention of this picture is the lady bug, and since the ladybug is the brightest thing in the image. Since there is nothing around the edges of the picture it draws the attention back to the lady bug. The lighting of this image is harsher than what i usually allow, but I felt a larger exposure would further focus the ladybug as the subject. The focus of this image is purposefully shallow due to the fact that i didn't want to much of the plant in the image in-order to maintain the ladybug as the subject. The coloring of this image came out very well because the colors of the plant contrast the ones of the ladybug, making it especially obvious that the ladybug is the main focus.


Simplicity is when a image has 3 or less elements, so that there are no distracting elements in the picure

This image has a sort of field of attentions, because this photo was shot with a low aperture that blurred out a majority of the ants in the photo, but since there is multiple ants with parts of their body in focus it makes viewer piece a ant together. The exposure of the image is in the lower end of the spectrum which I favor. I put a hard focus on the ants in order to make the details of the ants very apparent, which I feel makes the image more engaging. Since this picture was taken on a cloudy day this picture only contains soft light.

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds is when a the subject of the image is in one the left or right 3rd portion of the picture.

The main attraction in this photograph is not subtly the Green Jay. With its entire body being in focus it allows the viewer to be able to get a good look at a bird that is native to south Texas. And with the exposure being in the middle spectrum it is a mellow image. Although their are sever branches in focus they don't distract the viewer of the bird, due to the birds bright coloring and the branches very bland colors. The depth of field being very small it makes the bird the subject of this image.

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