How America Started In 5 parts


During the late 1400's and 1500's explorers were interested in sailing to discover new land and after Christopher Columbus found America explorers were racing to claim America for their countries which is the birth of America.


At the beginning of the revolutionary war to break away from Britain and then the colonists wrote the Declaration of Independence. That told Britain that they were a separate country from England.

The Declaration of Independence was signed and complete on 1776 and it put hope into the Americans and it also told them to prepare because England will be mad.

Peace with England

After the revolutionary war the Americans won and they signed the Treaty of Paris which gave them independence and peace with England which now puts America out of harm.


After the revolution america was an independent country, but the Americans had no government so the Americans wrote the Constitution which dictated the laws that formed America into a nation.


In 1803 the colonists wanted New Orleans because they can use the Mississippi River for shipping but France owned it so they had to buy it from them. Their original offer was 10 million dollars for New Orleans but France threw in the Louisiana Territory because they needed money for the war they were having.

In 1805 we did not know what was in the Louisiana Territory so we sent Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Territory and make maps of their surroundings.

After the Lewis and Clark expedition people started moving in and then we discovered British were there and they were attacking us by land and by sea which led to the War of 1812 which ended with the Treaty of Ghent.

The End


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