Venezuela By Ashkan, Sabeeh, hibah, Apple

Angel Falls, Venezuela


The city the World cup should be hosted is the capital of Caracas.


Tourist Atractons

The 2 attractions we choose are Angle Falls the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall and Morrocoy National Park a national marine and island national park.

Venezuela's urban population in 2015 was 89% and the rural 11%. That means more people are urban then rural.

Interesting Facts about Venezuela

1. Venezuela means little Venice

2. Lake Maracaibo is the biggest lake in South America and one of the oldest in the world.


FIFA 2022 Logo

Our Logo

This relates to what we have learned because Simon Bolivar helped lead the Venezuela's revolution. Along with some other countries' revolution.

Government and Economics

Venezuela is a federal country. Venezuela's president is Nicolás Maduro. Venezuela is also a presidential democracy. WE also have a mixed economy but is more toward a command economy.

Support Story

My country Venezuela's government would be in support of the World Cup Because Venezuela would boost its economy and Venezuela would be globally recognized as a important Latin American nation. It would also help our economy as in ways of our economy. Tourist will buy the things from the stores and help our economy. Also the tourists will buy food helping our food economy.



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