Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold in vanuatu 5-7 April, 2020

Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold was an active and powerful Category 5 cyclone that hit the northern islands of Vanuatu over April 5-7, 2020.

TC Harold is the strongest cyclone to affect Vanuatu since TC Pam in 2015.

Damaging hurricane force winds with heavy rainfalls and flash flooding cause extensive damage over the northern provinces of Vanuatu.

Early reconnaissance images paint a drastic and devastating picture!

Reports identify over half of Vanuatu's population being affected.

These remote communities are in urgent need of emergency water, food, shelter and communications, with 80% of homes destroyed.

Multiple small island groups make this a complicated environment to deliver and distribute humanitarian aid.


This is exasperated by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic and global limitation on movement.

Vanuatu is currently Covid-19 free.

To avoid the risk of Covid-19 spread in these highly vulnerable communities at this time, Vanuatu will not be accepting any international aid except by invite only.

In-bound cargo, both sea and airfreight, must be managed with strict protocols to ensure the safety of the people of all Vanuatu.

It is a grim situation with remote communities facing drastic water and food shortages.

There is an urgent need to get to these people, water purifiers, food, shelter kits, hygiene kits and solar lights.

in some places all livestock is either dead or has nothing to feed off, food stocks are gone and water is non-existent, limited or contaminated.

Will you donate to help the supply of humanitarian aid to these vulnerable communities? We are accepting both donations and pledges.

On the ground in Port Vila, Port of Call, managed by Virginia Craig, is actively engaged with the local response and identifying pathways for aid to get directly to these communities. Through NGO, Private and Government connections, she is dedicated to serving the logistical needs of this humanitarian aid effort.

Chloe Morin, Debbie Wood and Kylie DellaBarca are actively supporting the partnership and coordination of these relief aid donations.

100% of donated funds will provide Cyclone Harold relief to Vanuatu through our funding partner - Yachtaid Global (YAG). You can donate to this link below.

Or feel free to email us with a pledge.

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Photographs by: Glen Craig & Ben Bohane Website by: Little Bird Media