Ciao! A semester in firenzie

After an amazing long weekend in Greece (seriously it was one of my favorite trips) I was wiped. With only one class on Wednesday, my roommates and I spent the day recovering and catching up on sleep. On Thursday, I went to my three classes, and then to a nice dinner at, Il Profeta, a restaurant where John Travolta ate, with all five of my roommates for a little bonding time. The owner and all the workers were so kind to us, we all agreed that they must have thought it was our last night in Florence. We weren't complaining though, they gave us a ton of free pasta and bread samples. The waiters literally came out with six plates with one noodle each topped with their top secret John Travolta sauce. They joked that we weren't allowed to use our fingers to lick the plates clean, which were were confused about, until we actually tried the pasta. Immediately, we understood why this dish cost 33 euros per plate. Sadly, none of us felt like splurging on this meal so we each got a cheaper, less delicious option. After tasting the secret recipe, my meal was subpar at best. It was pouring rain by the time we were finished eating, so we rain home and spent the night talk and laughing as roommates... i'll sure miss them this summer!

Two of my roommates, Madison and Rebecca, left early Friday morning for a weekend trip to Sardinia, so it was only the four of us in the apartment all weekend. I spent the morning dilly dallying around packing a few items in a box to ship back to the states (sad) and then visited a a few stores. This whole semester, we've noticed a couple different street artists's work around Florence. Maddie, Josie, and I decided it was time to visit their stores and buy a couple stickers. The first artist, known as Blub, does his art on the buildings of Florence, making the famous pieces of art look as if they were underwater, adding goggles. The second artist, performs his masterpieces on the street signs of Florence. They both are extremely intriguing and talented! We had all agreed to venture to their shops at the end of the semester, so it was bitter sweet finally checking this off the to-do list.

My roommate, Molly, had her dad in town visiting Florence for a couple days so we all went out to an amazing meal at La Giostra. We were even gifted with complimentary champagne, appetizers, and ice water (a first here in Florence!!). The dinner was filled with laughs, stories, and delicious food. Molly's dad is hilarious, so it was a blast hearing the stories that came out of his mouth about not only Molly, but about life. I enjoyed every second. After dinner, we showed Mr. Krueger our two favorite bars: REX for a artsty fartsy cocktail, and Kikuya for the famous dragoon. It was an overall 10/10 day and night!

Molly got up early to go on a wine tour with her dad, so the rest of us slept in (sadly) until noon. Once I finally got my lazy butt out of bed, I headed to Florence's rose garden to sit in the warm sun and read. As much as I love spending every minute with my roommates, it was nice to have some alone time. Sunday began with visiting a new breakfast restaurant, Le Vespe, relaxing on the beach, and then playing basketball with a couple of our guy friends. We all agreed we wish we had started playing basketball earlier in teh semester, it was a riot. The night was spent relaxing, watching movies as roommates, and getting a good nights sleep. Monday was another Italian holiday, which meant another day off of school (SCORE), so I spent the day catching up on homework and other miscellaneous items, as well as preparing for finals. Lots of mixed emotions as my time abroad nears the end... on one hand, I am over the moon excited to be reunited with my family and friends but on the other, I'm sad to know that my days in Florence are limited. With that in mind, a couple of us made our way up to Piazzale Michelangelo yet again for a gorgeous sunset. It looked like it might down pour on us, but thankfully, the rain held off until after the sunset. I couldn't think of a better way to end the weekend, God is good!

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