Poisoned Apple Hard cider branding and package design


There's a couple I know in Vermont that makes their own cider from scratch. Although brewing your own cider doesn't necessarily make it a brand; their cider is absolutely delicious and they share it with family and friends. They were interested in having some branding done, so I took the opportunity to start from scratch.

A Scratch project for a cider made from Scratch


Their cider is brewed to be stronger than the average drinking cider. Averaging at about 12% abv, their cider is best enjoyed when sipped on slowly like a fine wine. I wanted to reflect not only this aspect of the brand, but also brand it to be more of a wine-cider.

Naming the cider actually was the most difficult aspect of this project. I started by making lists with things thta reminded me of vermont, and things that reminded me of apples. Then I attempted to connect the two in order to begin the branding process.

After a lot of consulting with other cider drinkers, I settled on the name 'Poisoned Apple' and made the individual names of flavors different with names that reflected the 'Poisoned' apple of the brand.


Once I had the name of the brand, I was able to make a moodboard that reflected the visual direction of where I wanted to go. I looked at other cider brands that I felt worked (mostly to make sure my design executed the same design concepts theirs did, but without being similar.) I also looked at things that were very 'Vermont' like maple syrup branding and woodcut/earthy inspired graphics. I looked at skulls, poion viles and deadly things that could reflect the Poisoned Apple brand well.


Many, many, different logos were designed and mocked up. Although I did end up liking quite a few, we ended up setting on the woodcut inspired logo. It felt more 'Vermont' than anything else and I didn't want to modernize the brand too much.

The final logo

The thing with designing for a brewing company is, once you finally design a logo you're satisfied with... you also have to design the drink packaging. And that's a whole, entire case-study in itself. Below you can see that many, many different variations were tried out before finally settling on one.

artboard galore!!!
The final branding!


Abby Broekhuizen

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