Right to Conceal, Carry, and Shoot People Baylee Kennington (Warrior), Mason Kingery (Bard), Curtis McClelland (Ranger), Cameron Morris (Mage)

We are RCCSP. The Right to Conceal, Carry, and Shoot People.

Our Game: The Right to Live, an interactive text adventure involving Gun Control.

The story: James and his family and how they are impacted by the decision of the Gun Reformation Act of 2016. What will happen if Congress passes the bill? If Congress vetoes it? How will James and his family react? Take the challenge and play on to find out.

The actual game itself: what makes it so interesting.

Why we decided to create our game.

Why you should you sponsor RCCSP:

1. Extremely relevant considering the political climate.

2. Great game for target age range.

3. Already in talks with additional sponsors, very interested.

4. Really great storyline, unlike anything else on the market.

Can't deny that there's only a matter of time until The Right to Live interactive game takes off and adults everywhere are playing it. Make the Right choice and sponsor RCCSP today.

Project/Idea/Company/Game based on essay by: Curtis McClelland

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