A 1920's Car Made By: Sahil Punwani, Myles Henderson, Jaylen Cline

THE BITS USED: Battery and Cable, Power, Slide dimmer, x4 DC motor, Wire, x4 wheel, and mounting board. These bits were all needed to make the car a success, because two motors wouldn't have been enough to make the car move fast enough. The 4 wheels also helped create a smooth surface for the car to ride on , minimizing friction.

Our car before adding the frame

EXTRA SUPPLIES - Tape and Cardboard

This was our design , which our prototype was based upon.

Our invention, the car, was very important to the success of people who needed to go for to reach work. The car is so needed and important, that disaster would occur without it. Our story, goes like this:

There once was a man who had to go to work. He needed to go quite far to reach his office, so he had a car. One day, he lost his car and it was missing. This is when disaster struck. When the man could not go to work, he doesn't get his work done, and is fired. If he gets fired, he doesn't have money to support his family, which causes them to go in to poverty and lose all luxury in life. This is how vital the car is to society. The car itself can cause someone to be the richest man alive, or to lose his job and become very poor. This relates to the 1920's because people finally started to commute to work, and slowly started to depend on the invention of the car. The car also caused business owners to expect people on time, because they had a much quicker way to reach work.

Our design for our 1920's car, was the one we used below. This classic car from the 1920's shows a box design, which is what we tried to replicate.

A side view of the model we used

We chose to make this because of it's importance to society. Without it, the whole world would crash and burn. The car is one of the most important inventions because of its availability, which most people have , and its amazing number of uses and needs in our industrializing world. If we had excess time, we would have redesigned the body to make it look neater. In the future, we hope cars will become safer, and less accidents will occur. This is why self driving cars are soon to come out, as human errors can be fatal.

Another example which we based our model on
Created By
Sahil Punwani

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