Jared, Jensen, Misha are the best people to love

Not only is Misha super kind to fans, he's extremely active in the community both politically involved and with Random Acts. He gives, and gives, and gives, expecting nothing in return because he loves his job.
Misha had his own t-shirt campaign, "Get Kind." It came out around the holiday's in 2014 raising money for charities like Random Acts!
And...he's a darn good dad.
Jared, whether with his sons or filming on set or even out on his personal time never misses a chance to take a picture with those who matter most. No matter his hurry or situation, he will talk with you until he can't, and cherish each moment.
Jared does a LOT of campaigns and they're all in support of Always Keep Fighting, which supports those with depression and mental illnesses. Supernatural has started their own support group foundation because of all of the campaigns they've created.
Probably the biggest family man you'll meet.
Jensen, even though he struggles with anxiety and being awkward in certain social situations, he still puts on the biggest smile and makes the biggest connection with fans in any situation. Starbucks, Coachella, and conventions. Meeting fans is just as big to him and exciting, and so each moment is personal.
Jensen participates in all of Jared's campaigns for charities, whether it be support or actually having a share in the design and purpose behind them. It's something he holds close to his heart as it's personal to him, and to him it's the least he can do to give back.
Okay, they're all great dads. Face it. At this point you couldn't argue me on that. There's YouTube videos of them talking about their kids (J2 and Misha) and it makes your heart throw up it's so sweet.
Besides them doing charities and forever giving back to the world, they're lifelong best friends. They care for each other and support each other when in need. They play pranks, have "sleep-overs," go on trips, and basically embody what friendship really is. This really resonates with the fans and connects all of us together as one big family. So, Jensen, Jared, and Misha really are the greatest people to love.
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