Ball Is life "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." -babe ruth

This is me basically the three pictures say it all, it describes who I am and what I am I love baseball and my favorite number is 9 which technacally is my baseball number. Plus the cubs logo describes it all I'm a die heart Cubs fan any time you talk to me about baseball I have to bring up the Cubs because I've been a fan since day 1. I've always played baseball when I was little, well my family was a huge baseball fan mainly my oldest brother, he was the reason I play and the reason why I'm a really huge Cubs fan, and now all he hopes for is for me to make it to the MLB.


During this podcast below I basically will be talking to you about the holocaust in ten minutes or less. I will tell you about the way that the nazi rule, prewar of Germany, and the final solution that had to relate to the holocaust. Don't think it takes ten minutes? Click the link below and find out.

Bill Gates: The Next Titan of Industry

This podcast is about how the next rulers of technology that make them the titans of industry for what they do that turns the world upside right. Is bill gates a Rober Baron or Captain of industry. Click here to find out weather he is or not.

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Fernando De Santiago


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