THE MISSING GIRL'S kameron blythe on the case

The case of the MISSING GIRL'S

How old is the girl: 10 years old

What color is she : Brown

How tall is she : 5'4

Eye color: Brown

Her name:Journey Grissett

What was she wearing : Blue jeans & a long sleeve red shirt with a black cote

It was a rain afternoon in Januarny A 10 year girl named journey was walking home from school she had missed her bus because she was making up work for one of her teachers. Her teacher offered a ride home but she said she would walk home so she started walking home then as she was walking she noticed a red car following her home then the person stop the car got out and started walking towerds her she started to walk fast then he started to run after her she drop her book and started running fast as she could and yelling please help me there was no one around to help he caught to her and put a gun to her head and said if u say anything i will shot you she ok.

He put her in the trunk and drove off with her in the trunk and he stopped at a motel and he took her out of the trunk and he walked in to the room he said stay here and don't move she went to the bathroom and tried to make a plan to get out but she said i will just stay cause if i leave and he find me he will hurt me so she used the bathroom he came back in looking for her he said were are u she said i am in the bathroom then she came out he said i thought you had tried to runaway she said no just had to use the rest room

He said were not staying here journey said were are we going he said some were she said take me home he said shut up before i kill u he pulled the gun out and said shut up or u well be missing forever she said ok he put her in the trunk again was kicking at the trunk he pulled over and lifted up the trunk and said stop before i shot she said ok he got back in and shut the door and started driving he had pulled over in to a back yard and took her out in to the basement there were two other girls they were best friends walking home from the store he took her shoes and phone bag everything and said this is for i can trust you and won't have to try to hurt you

Then when he had left them down there journey asked them there name's one said Alexis , the other said Kalay then she said how did he get you they said we walking home from the store journey said we need to get out of here before something bad happens she said we need to find a window he had left there stuff they said we seen a open window over there so they grabed there stuff and got out of the window they started running the Journey looked up a place to get helped then they found a restrunat they told them what happen then they saw his car pulled up and the cops pulled up at the same they said that's him he kidnapped the cops came in and said what is going on he kidnapped us the cops said OK he went out put him in hand and said what are your moms number Journey gave hers to him he called her and said your child has been found she was kidnapped by Tarell


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