In search of a very seldom mineral Exploring former Times Mining

Inspired from pictures by Roberto Garcia at ESPELEOPHOTO about a white underground river I started a research some years ago about the white river.

Found that the white river is a special phenomen appearing mostly in former mining areas caused a seldom mineral.

In Germany near Saalfeld/Thüringen there is also a reported area. It was in former times a mining area where roof slate was won.

Exploring the old mine

and then:

the white river appears

The white river. Halotrichit is a water solvable mineral. Halotrichit Fe2+Al2[SO4]4·22 H2O is normally based on oxidation from the mineral Pyrit. Halotrichit is a not common mineral which is reported only on a few places on earth.
The white river. Ist is clearly seen where the name „mountain butter“ came from, that the mining people offen used.
Featured by Ralf Brand, Tanja & Michael Schopper 2019
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Michael Schopper