Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Speak To A Girl

A beautiful and powerful piece that explores how one woman's life is shaped by a single virtue: respect.

The video is a series of touching and honest vignettes about a woman's journey from her birth to the day she herself becomes a mother - intercut with an intense an iconic performance by Faith and Tim.

These vignettes all deal with how she is communicated to - not necessarily on a verbal level, but on an emotional level by the men in her life; her father, guys at school, and eventually her husband.

Never heavy handed, and always coming from the most thought provoking place, the video portrays a series of memories that shapes the woman she becomes.

Tim and Faith's performance takes place on a large, darkened sound stage under the glow of warm theatrical lighting. The golden hues are soft but defining. The feel is moody but glamorous. As the song develops, the lighting intensifies.

The vignettes take place in the same space -- though in each scene the camera is close to the subject and only rarely are the surroundings shown. Visually abstract spaces, brought to life with the use of effects and minimal props will be employed to create a stylized and dreamlike "set" around the actors.

The "sets" themselves are a metaphor for transparency in communication but also create the effect of a memory -- some details are fuzzy but the emotional impact is tangible.

The performance is exactly what you'd expect from Tim and Faith - passionate, powerful and heartfelt. They will look their best. Lighting perfect. Wardrobe elegant. Styling impeccable.

The camerawork captures the most raw and honest moments in time with the music, moving from energetic handheld, to glassy smooth sweeping shots.

We introduce Faith and Tim separately in their respective verses. They walk toward each other during the third verse and come together for a monumental ending as the camera encircles them during the climax. Their performance is the foundation of the video and the emotional core that binds the piece together. Their interaction is natural. Honest. Sexy.

The story presents slivers of time.

A new born baby being placed into her mother's arms. The father gently kisses his daughter's head for the first time.

Flash forward a few months. The father rocks his baby girl to sleep. He whispers to her. She dozes off in his strong arms.

Later, we see dad make his baby girl laugh. Pure joy on her face. Her tiny head rests on his shoulder.

Moving along the timeline, we see mom and dad dancing in the kitchen. We cut to our girl - now a toddler. She's watches. Curious. Head barely peeking over the table. We see her fascination with her parents' passion and desire for each other.

A few years later, our little girl - now maybe 6 - scratches her dad's truck with a rock. Dad catches her and must calm himself before he gets on one knee and speaks to her in a way she can understand. He's clearly upset, but assures her that he still loves her. He pulls her into an embrace as tears stream down her cheek. The camera then reveals "I (HEART) DADDY" etched into the paint.

Now at the age of 10, in her crucial pre-teen years, she is seen peeking through a crack in the door as mom and dad are having an argument. Her father reaches for her mother's hand and pulls her into an embrace, reassuring his love in a simple action. Although she's not the recipient of this moment, it shapes her concept of how a man and woman should interact. When partners hold each other as their priority, respect is a natural eventuality.

Cut to what is now an adolescent girl diligently working on what appears to be a science experiment. She seems frustrated with the process. Tired from the day. Both Mom and Dad come to her aid. Mom rubs the back of her head. Dad sits down beside her. Both offer words of encouragement to quiet her youthful fears.

Now a teenager at a party. A guy says something to her and she has the courage to walk away from him. Later, she lays on her bed and stares at the ceiling as if trying to understand the mysteries of the universe.

She is now in her 20's. She meets a guy at work. He makes her laugh. We cross-cut to her as a baby laughing in her dad's arms.

Our young couple is now on a walk. He puts his arm around her and she lays her head on his shoulder. We cut to her as a child laying her head on her dad's shoulder.

She cries. The guy wipes away her tears -- cross cut to her as a young girl with her dad wiping away her tears.

The guy gets down on one knee. Cross cut to her dad getting down on one knee the time he caught her scratching his truck's paint job. The guy slides a ring on her finger.

And now, she's in the delivery room. Her baby is placed into her arms. Her husband leans into the frame and kisses his wife. Then his child. And the story comes full circle.

(As an interesting side note I'd like to make the last shot of the video cut seamlessly with the opening shot of the video so that the viewer could actually create a never-ending loop.)

I consider this a jumping off point and look forward to creative discussions.

In closing, I just want to say how much of an honor it was to be asked to write on this track. Truly. We must choose our words, tone and body language wisely. There is power within them. I once read somewhere that "Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate." And I think this video could play its part in doing just that.

All my best,


Sequitur Cinema | 2017


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