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We are Inma and Jose, a couple in love with sustainable travel and photography

After studying, volunteering and working our way around the world since we were teens, we launched A World to Travel in 2012 to share our journey. Since then, we have been featuring unique and sustainable experiences around the world, festivals, the stunning great outdoors and all things travel.

Seven years later, we have worked with hundreds of travel, photography and lifestyle companies and destinations, have contributors from dozens of countries, partnered up with brands that believe in us, and reach 150K people on a monthly basis.

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Our primary markets are US, UK and Spain and we publish both in English and Spanish.

A bit more than half our readers are females, and most of them are between 25 and 44 year old highly educated travel and photography lovers, looking for inspiration and tips on where to go and what to do next. 80% of our web traffic comes from organic searches (google loves us) and the rest, from social media where we have over 50000 engaged followers - most of them on Instagram - and other relevant travel, photography and lifestyle outlets. Last year, our website averaged 100000 pageviews per month.

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Inma enjoying Granada from above
Dear Inma we're just back from our Andalusia road trip and I wanna say a huge sincere thank you for your post. I was a 9-year-old girl when I first came to Andalusia and even then I fell in love. When 20 years later I decided to pay another visit to this wonderland, I knew I had to see Seville, Granada, flamenco, sea, and mountains once again, probably go to Cordoba, but I didn't have a proper plan or itinerary in my head. Luckily I've found your blog post while surfing Pinterest for some inspiration. From then on we had a plan) We used your post as a guide, though we went counter-clockwise - starting from Granada through Nerja (because we always eat the dessert first and Alhambra is a dessert:)) and finishing at Malaga through Marbella. We're especially grateful to you for Ronda - we first wanted to go to Caminito, but time and weather made us to do a 2-day stop at Ronda which we don't regret, and all those seaside treasures on our way from Cadiz to Malaga. There would be no other way we'd pay Marbella a visit unless you would have pictured that pier so beautifully. We even found that tiny path to the beach you were mentioning:) Or marvel at El Huigeron mirador view. Or get lost on Valdevaqueros dunes. Also, it was my first time on a rental car ever, and I'm so happy it was such a picturesque and well planned 800 km route. You've done a great job documenting your trip and thanks to you we had a wonderful adventure and places to come back. Wishing you great new trips and waiting for new posts to be inspired!) BR - Svetlana
Just say Tapas and Sailing and I am in !! Such a relaxing and fun video, I really enjoyed it. Love the idea of the giveaway ♥ - Catalina Nini
Sao Miguel Island, Azores
Hello guys, Amazing work! I can see that you enjoyed your stay (I´m glad). Best - Joao, Visit Azores.
Jose getting ready to shoot yet another great sunset in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia
I already knew some of these tips, but how to shoot in the mid-day sun has always baffled me. Upper third. Got it. I’m about to start a photography course to learn how to better use the DSLR I’ve just invested in, but the basics still elude me sometimes. Thanks for the help with my research! The pictures are only as good as the photographer - Katrin
Wow! what a hunger i get watching this video about Portugal food… It seems to be like a paradise for the ones who loves good food. I have never been there so, now, I have now more reasons to go there. Congratulations for your video! - NM.
We never get tired of portraying our homeland, Galicia, and all the awesomeness that it involves.

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Long-exposures when the lights go down. We could be shooting those forever!. Tarifa, UK

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Helsinki, Finland, is always a great idea. But shooting it at sunrise, in Winter and from a helicopter was beyond epic!
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