Created to Relate A Bible Study

Read Genesis 1:26-28

Fill in the blank: "Let ______ make man in _______ image."

Re-read Genesis 1:27.

How did God show that we were created for relationship right from the beginning?

Re-read Genesis 1:28.

How did God show that he is into the multiplying of relationships?

Before creation, Father, Son and Holy Spirit were together in perfect relationship (the Trinity). Humans were created and invited into this love relationship.

Read John 5:19-21

Notice the intimate relationship between Jesus and his Father. Describe their relationship.

Read Ephesians 1:3-10

According to this passage, why did God create us? Describe the family that he called us into.

God created you to relate with him and with the people he created around you.

Do you avoid relationships? Do you run from intimacy?

Do you live to be left alone (even by God)?

God is calling you into deeper relationship with himself and those he has put into your life.

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