Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean sea. The percentage for how many people live in a urban area is 76%. The percentage for how many people live in a rural area is 24%. The currency in Cuba is the Cuban Peso.One of the most popular tourist attractions in Cuba is the beach in Malecón, Havana. Cuba is the most populated country in the Caribbean.


Our logo is related to soccer in Cuba, and the Cuban Revolution which started on July 26, 1953 and ended on January 1, 1959. The Cuban Revolution was an armed rebellion led by Fidel Castro. In our Latin America Unit we learned that NAFTA ( North American Free Trade Agreement) was created between the United States, Mexico, and Canada to remove all trade barriers on imports and exports. Another thing we learned was that a Zapatista is a group of Mexicans who support improved rights and living conditions for Mexico's indigenous people.

Government/ Economy

Cuba's government is communist with a unitary system. This is good to have the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Cuba because it will show the people of the world and other countries how bad their life is under the rules of Raul Castro. Maybe they could help the economy and improve the government. Cuba has a command economy. That is good because citizens of Cuba would know what to sell. If a citizen of Cuba didn't know what to do, they wouldn't make any money. Having a command economy is better.

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