Riley Bellin <About: me>

Based on the above, I'm pretty sure you can already make one inference about me: I'm a big fan of coffee. I'm not sure what got me obsessed, but I've been into it ever since I was a little kid. My favorite coffee is Highlander Grog, and my favorite method of making it being pour over.

Ever since I was young, I've always been a nerd and a creative kind of person. I loved drawing aliens and making my own creations out of clay, and imagining my own world and every aspect about it. It was at this stage in life that I found out I was a hands-on learner. Working with clay also aided in my finding that being terrible at something is the first step on the road to mastery.

I'm also a large fan of music and art, as I always found them to be the best way to express feelings in a tangible fashion other than just simply talking. Currently I'm working on composing several albums for piano alone, trying to make concepts such as space travel and my past 13 years of schooling become an audible concept. I also play french horn, piano, and a little bit of drums. I'm looking into learning the saxophone too.

What I want to be: To answer the question on everyone's mind, I don't fully know what I want to be when I get older. I'm planning on teaching myself code, and I'm also planning on starting a few small tech startups. My main source of income, though, will most likely be UX Design. Other than that I plan to compose music, write a few books, publish an art gallery, and roast coffee.

Family: I live in Shiocton, WI with my mom, my dad, my sister, and brother. He's in college. My sister is a junior in high school and my brother studies Health Promotion and Wellness at the University of Wisconsin - Steven's Point. He's an officer in ROTC there too. My dad is a grocery store manager for Festival Foods, and my mom is a first grade teacher.

College: I am (hopefully) going to be attending the University of Wisconsin - Madison and graduating with a B.S. in both Computer Science and Psychology, then continuing on to Carnegie Mellon University or Cornell University and attaining Master's Degree in Human Computer Interaction. It is very possible I may change my major, but only time will tell.

A few bucket list items: Before I die, I plan on pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and exposing myself to as many things as I can, as I truly wish to experience the world. Some things I wish to accomplish are the following: catch a fish in all of the Great Lakes, fly fish in the Patagonia River, ski down a mountain, skydive, swim with sharks, race a Formula 1 car, and have 1 Grammy for an album of music I write. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Other stuff: There's a lot more to me than just a web page, as I am constantly changing and growing as a human being. I have a lot of quirks and weird habits that many find out about me over time, as when first getting to know me I might seem a little ordinary. But just know I embrace my quirks and weirdness, and I truly love being odd. So, yeah. That's me!


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