Tennessee auden mills

state flower:Iridaceae
the tennessee bird is a mocking bird
Rugged country in the east; Great Smokey Mountains of the Uankas; low ridges in the Applachian Valley; the flat Cumberland Plateau; slightly rolling terrain and knobs of the interior low plateau, the largest region; Eastern Gulf coastal plain to the west, laced with meandering streams; Mississippi alluvial plain, a narrow strip of swamp and flood plain in the extream west.
n the flag represent the three different land forms in Tennessee. Mountains in the east, highlands in the middle and lowlands in the west. On the flag these regions are bound together in an unbroken circle. The field is crimson with a blue background for the stars. The final blue strip relieves the sameness of the crimson field and prevents the flag from showing too much crimson when it is limp

You should go to tennessee to see the cool birds and flowers and even the lakes and waters. Another reason you shouled go to tennessee is that there is really nice weather and really cool trees. And another reason is that at night all the lights go on and it looks really cool.

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