Ancient Rome By ANdrea cervantes


Ancient Rome is located in Italy. Bodies of water that are around Rome are The Mediterranean sea and Tiber river. Another thing about Rome is that it is the capital of Italy. The weather in Rome was never very low. Rome had hot and dry summers and it was usually around 95 degrees. In the winter they had mild weather and it was usually around 55 degrees. Valleys and mountains that Rome had consisted of Palatine hill, Aventine hill, Viminal hill, Capitoline hill, and Quirinal hill.




Ancient Rome started in 753 BC and ended it 27 BC. Ancient Rome ended when Romulus was overthrown by Germanic leader Odoacer. Ancient Rome's enemies were Hannibal, carthaginian general and political leader. Rome’s discoveries and inventions were arches, grid based cities, sewers and sanitation, roads and highways, aqueducts, Roman numerals, surgery tools and techniques, Julian calendar, newspaper, and concrete. The Roman empire took over and owned a lot of places. Rome was strong and powerful. Rome dominated western Europe and the Mediterranean.


Rome had a big population of 50 to 90 million people. Ancient Rome’s population is about 20% of the whole world's population. In Ancient Rome the people would speak both the language’s Latin and Greek. They mostly spoke Latin In a family the father made the choices. In houses men had a lot more power than women did. If the parents got mad with their kids they could kill or disown them. Most of the time only kids that belonged to a wealthy family went to school.


Not everyone had meals that were alike in Rome. The poor had meals that were simple and plain they had things like porridge with vegetables and sometimes meat. Wealthy family’s had a lot of dinner parties and usually had coursed meals. That consisted of most of the time meat and a lot of other things that their cooks prepared. The Roman’s enjoyed going to plays with their families. Sometimes people would make sacrifices to the gods. The Roman’s thought that if they did not make sacrifices they would be punished by the gods. The Roman religion was Christianity, Judaism, and Roman gods and goddesses. In Ancient Rome the women wore tunics, stola, cloaks, underclothes, and sandals. Men wore tunics, toga, cloaks, underclothes, sandals. The materials that the Romans used were wool, silk, linen, and cotton. Men mostly wore rings but women used earrings, necklaces, tiaras, and bracelets. The Romans had a lot of different forms of making art. They did sculpting, bronze casting, vase art, mosaic, cameo, coin art, fire jewelry and metalwork, funerary sculpturing, drawings, caricature, painting, and architectural sculpturing.







The leaders that Ancient Rome had were Julius Caesar, Constantine, Augustus, Caligula, Nero, Trajan, and Marcus Aurelius. Ancient Rome started as a Monarchy. It them changed into a Republic but a while after they went to an Empire. The Three main social classes of Ancient Rome were the Particians, the Plebians, and the slaves. The particians were the best class of that was your class you were able to do a lot of different things that other people could not. The laws of Ancient Rome were a father had full power over his children, You would not own an item until you fully bought it, a bugler at night time may be killed one in day time may not unless they are carrying a weapon, and no one should be killed until after trial.


The jobs that you could have in Ancient Rome would be a barber, bookseller, grocers, baker, poultry seller, working in furniture store, selling cooked meat, being a money leader, and just working in shops. The Roman used coins as money the coins were made out of gold, aurens, silver, denarius, brass, sestertius. The Ancient Romans would send big ships to India and China. From India they got food and spices. From china they got silks.


The Romans pushed hoops for entertainment, flew kites, played blind man's bluff, shadow tag, and would go to the bathhouse to talk to each other most of the women would do this during the day. During the day men would train in the army and if the family was wealthy there kids would go to school. The women would teach the girls how to do housework. If the family was poor than they would stay home and the parents would teach them what they could. They would also teach the girls housework.


The Romans had inventions that affect us today. The Romans made roads and we also use their alphabet. Recent things that have been found in Rome are an ancient road, they are still finding things in Pompeii, a shipwreck was found, and some Roman writing tablets were found in London.


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