Imperialism Around the world

Imperialism: Acquisition by a government of other governments or territories, or of economic or cultural power over other nations or territories, often by force. The practice of a strong country exerting its influence over a weaker country to the extent that it dominates the weaker country’s economics, politics, and culture.

Imperialism started in China, as well as western Asia.

The Persia Empire 6th & 4th Century B.C.

The Persian Empire, an example of imperialism, replaced that of the Assyrians, around the 6th to the 4th centuries B.C.E.. It was considerably superior in terms of how they treated their subjects. The Assyrians’ rule was more tyrannical, while the Persian Empire ruled with liberalism.

Ancient Greece 356 to 323 B.C.E.

Under the rule of Alexander the Great Ancient Greece achieved imperialism. Alexanders goal was to achieve a cosmopolitan place. He wanted everyone in the world to live in peace. Trying to achieve his goal he had to take control of many countries. This lead to the peak of imperialism for Greece. When the Roman empire merged, Alexanders dream partially came true. After Rome fell however imperialism changed for the worse. It became more destructive.

India 1450-1750

The Sepoy mutiny was when the British wealth grew, and they continuously sought to influence and gain more power over the Indians. Instead of the British East India Company relinquishing some power to the Indians, the British parliament stepped in, claiming the entire subcontinent under the British Crown, sending the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah II into exile and recognizing Queen Victoria as the Empress of India in 1877.

United States Present time

In the United States, there is imperialism towards immigrants. Arizona-Minnasota has a law called SB 1070. It is claiming certain humans are "illegal". On April 23, 2010 the Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the Senate Bill 1070 (SB 1070). Supporters sought border security, while opponents feared racial profiling


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