Worship attire Are we revealing what's in ouR hearts towards the worship and sunday service in generAl? Let's see here!

We have to make a difference! !

What should we make of this shift in worship attire?

Many seem convinced it's a good thing, because, again, it's the heart that counts. Yet precisely for this reason—because it's the heart that counts—I want to suggest that what we wear in our public worship may matter more than we think. To grasp this connection, let us think a little deeper.

Our clothing is one of our most elemental forms of communication. Long before our voice is heard, our clothes are transmitting multiple messages. From our attire, others immediately read not only such things as our sex, age, national identity, socio-economic status, and social position, but also our mood, our attitudes, our personality, our interests, and our values.

The wearing of clothing is exclusively a human characteristic. We share many attributes with other creatures, but the inclination to clothe ourselves is not one of them. Those who know the story of Adam and Eve will understand why this is so. There is a moral and even spiritual dimension to human clothing.

We constantly make judgments about one another on the basis of clothing, whether we like to admit it or not we all tend to make a hypothesis based on what we see. Common wisdom has it that you can't judge a book by its cover. But this is only partly true; we regularly read one another's covering, even make wrong judgment. And guess what? This is not always our fault. We're just reading what we see. What's more, we're better at it than we think.

How we dress not only affects others; it also affects us. This dynamic is often circular: how we feel influences the clothes we put on, and the clothes we put on in turn shape how we feel. I read this online and I could not agree with it anymore "Changes of clothes can generate a change of mood; the soldier feels different in his uniform than he does in street clothes." Therefore, in some setting our choice of clothing can either make us or break us.

Dress that would send a given message in one setting might send a very different message in another. We wouldn't wear our hiking clothes to our grandmother's funeral, would we? Or, our gym clothes to television interview? Let's go deeper, we wouldn't wear our pj's to our first date, right? So why dress any less to go and meet with God at his holy place? So then again why are we letting our clothes speak louder than our hearts by the way we clothe ourselves to worship The Lord?

The question for us, then, is this: When we gather for worship, does this sacred event generate within us any similar sense of "awe and reverence" of intimacy and ultimate respect to God? Or, is this a a casual gathering and fellowship with your church members?

Not just anything will do when we come before God. He is still honored by what is holy, what is our best, what is sacrificial. The kingdom to which we have come, says the writer to the Hebrews, requires us to "offer to God acceptable worship with reverence and awe," because "our 'God is a consuming fire'" WOO PRAISE HIM, but Praise Him! (Heb. 12:28–29, emphasis added). A blasé, casual attitude toward worship may indicate that we have failed to grasp this important point, a sign of our being more conformed to this world" than so transformed in our minds that by testing we are able to discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect" (Rom. 12:2, emphasis added).

The scriptures don't change, God will never change! Why should we?

This is why when we come to church our clothing matters! Rejoice and be blessed.

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