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Château de Chillon

It is a really nice castle. When we arrived we had a tour along the place and we had time to take a lot of pictures. The building itself, the views and everything was beautiful and very interesting.

Ana Paulina Lugo

Journée du Sourire

The Smiley Day was amazing , we had a great time together in Vevey and it was really beautiful to see a lot of people smiling... people who maybe needed someone to brighten their day. Many smiled because we shared our happiness with them.

Isabel Hernández


In Lausanne we visited the Olympic Museum, where we learned about the Olympics: when they started, how they were, as well as the development and improvement that they have made through the years. We saw the uniforms of the different athletes throughout the ages and I found them really interesting because they were very different from how they are now. I had a great experience.

Eva Marcos

Costume Party

This day we had a lot of fun... it was a Friday and we were very tired because of the exams, so this helped us to recharge our batteries. The theme was about cartoons so it was very cool. Everyone worked hard in their costume. It was amazing!

Luisa Hernández


Congratulations to all of the girls for their great effort in their exams, especially to the girls who got diplomas because your effort is noticed!

Regnum Christi Week

This week was awesome! It was a week that I had never had in my life. We spent a lot of time with the High School girls and we had a great time together. I got to know more deeply some people I didn´t know well. I really liked going to the nursing home with the grandparents, where we spent time with them, we played bingo, we sang them songs and we talked with them in French, although it is a new language for us. I also liked the Eucharistic Hour, we had the time to talk with God, it was a really nice moment for me. I would like this to happen again.

Sofía Batarse


In November, we went to Annecy, France to take this French exam called Delf A2. We really worked hard for it. We studied a lot so we could get good grades. I think we all did well because we were calm. I hope we all get excellent grades.

Ramalí Hernández

First Snowfall

It was a Sunday during the first days of November. We all woke up very early to see the snow. It was amazing how everything became white in just a few minutes. It was beautiful.

Ivette Ramírez

Gruyères et Cailler

We went to Cailler, the typical chocolate factory of Switzerland, where we learned some history of the factory and the museum is incredible! We learned how they make the chocolates and we also got some as a gift of the factory. Then we got to the shop and bought a lot of chocolates for our families. In Gruyères, we ate a very delicious fondue which is typical from Switzerland. It was snowing there and the views were amazing. I loved that day.

Fátima Berber

Decades Party

This party was of the 20's, 50's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. It was a really good experience! We were divided by teams and each team had to prepare a dance. The costumes were really original. I had a lot of fun!

Regina Ochoa


In Geneva, we went to the Red Cross Museum. It is really interesting because you don´t expect it to be how it is. It is a really unique museum and I learned a lot of things that I didn´t know before. There was a very interesting part in which we heard testimonies of people who were in the war and also testimonies of people getting in contact with their families.

Mariana Ochoa

Christmas Decoration

It was an amazing day! We got the chance to experience a little bit of Christmas before with music. I got to realise that I am really a part of this school.

Vivian Silva


In Basel, we visited a really nice and big Cathedral. We were hoping to meet with Roger Federer because he lives there, but we didn´t. We had a tour along the city, and we took a lot of photos because the views are incredible. We also went shopping because there were a lot of stores. It was a very cold day.

Valeria Mitre

Theology of the Body Retreat

It was amazing! Evan Lemoine and his wife Fernanda came from Mexico to give us this retreat. I liked it a lot and I learned a lot of things I didn´t know. We made a chastity promise and we all got a chastity ring. We made different activities and I got to learn the immense value that I have. It is an experience that I will never forget.

Paola Salomón


It was really cold there, but we had a great time. We did ice-skating and we had a tour along the town. It was very interesting.

Macarena Vilchis

SPAyudar and Cinema

We all had the idea of raising funds to help the Syria kids, so we made a spa and a cinema were we sold different things to get money. At the end, we earned about 500 CHF and we are going to donate it to a Spanish Association who helps these kids. I am really proud we could make this happen. It is very nice to see people who wants to help others.

Paola Zermeño

Charles Chaplin Museum

We went there with our History teacher during class. It is a very interesting place. The museum is Charles Chaplin´s house, we saw his piano, his study hall, the dinner hall and all of his things. It was really cool!

Carolina Peredo


I loved Gstaad because it is a really nice place which it is said that royal people go there for vacations and resting time. It is really classic and fancy. We went ice-skating and then we went to the shops. This town is very beautiful.

Valeria Celestín


We got the opportunity of going to a Mass to celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe at Fribourg. There were all the Hispanic- American people leaving in Switzerland. It was beautiful how we all sang together to Our Lady of Guadalupe. We also went bowling, we had so much fun together.

Mónica Martínez

Christmas Pegeant

I had a lot of fun! We all had awkward costumes but the show was very incredible. I liked being part of it and I enjoyed it a lot.

Sofía Velasco

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