New England coffee Company CELEBRATING 100 YEARS - The MURAL PROJECT

About the project

I was honored to create this piece for New England Coffee's 100th year celebration. Working closely with Rice McVaney, a marketing firm in Massachusetts, I created a 12' x 12' mural using only coffee from New England Coffee Company. The piece's only criteria was that it had to feature historical elements while showing the everyday heroes that have been so much a part of the company's history.

Building off of the company's modo of "serving great coffee to extraordinary people," several concepts were presented and two were considered for the final design. After much consideration, it was decided depicting everyday extraordinary people and heroes in front of the original Milk Street location where the company started.

For the piece, NEC sent me 12 pounds of their darkest roast. I created the piece using only their coffee, no paint was used in the mural.

The Challenge

The final piece needed to be flexible enough to allow it to be displayed both indoors and outdoors in multiple locations. NEC originally wanted a 12' x 12' mural to display outside at their event in Dewey Square. The first challenge was to design something that could be taken apart, transported and re-assembled at several different locations. Because a mural that big would be subjected to high winds, a stand had to be developed to hold and weigh down the piece in outside and inside places.

Because freight would not cover anything above 96 inches, I had to create four 6' x 6' canvas' and secure them together to create a seamless 12' x 12' transportable mural. This kept the size and weight of the piece down to be easily transported from Pittsburgh to Boston for the company's outdoor event on National Coffee Day. The back of the mural features the New England Coffee Company logo painted in coffee on a tilted square canvas that holds and binds the four inside corners of the four large canvases. The entire piece sits in an aluminum frame and weighted easel to prevent tipping.

New England Coffee Company shipped me 12 pounds of their darkest whole bean coffee for the project. Using my process I turned their coffee into a painting medium and created the mural. Below is a time lapse video from start to completion.

To see more of my coffee and tea paintings, please visit the link below:

The Event

The main goal of this project was to have something special for New England Coffee's 100th Anniversary event in Dewey Square, right outside of Dewey Station. The painting was well received and people had the opportunity to win prizes all day long during National Coffee Day. After the event, the piece was moved inside Dewey Station for a month and then moved to it's final display location.

National Coffee Day event in Dewey Square

Final Display

The final piece is featured as a permanent installation at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC). You can see a photo of the mural at the BCEC below.

Piece displayed at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC).

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