River Trail Nature Center 3120 Milwaukee Avenue • Northbrook, IL 60062

RIVER. Des Plaines River. TRAIL. Three trails plus 28.4 miles of the Des Plaines Trail System. NATURE CENTER. Free exhibits, onsite nature educators and events.
GPS Scavenger Hunt (geocaching): use GPS coordinates, a trail map and your wits to locate and uncover fun prizes, such as the cache hidden beneath these pieces of wood.
This fence keeps deer out, not in, for the sake of protecting these trees from being stripped bare.
Inside the River Trail Nature Center, many species of native wildlife are on display.
These permanent guests welcome visitors of all ages, and seem to bask in all the attention.
Beekeepers manage the beehives in the apiary, while the bees do much more than go through the motions.
After being found with its left eye injured, this Red-Tailed Hawk is a successful animal rescue.
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