StemCraft Anthony Alerre, Alex Summers, Ryan Wingate


Who are We?

We are SC^2 (South Carolina Stem Cell), Corporation. We are a research company that aims to promote embryonic stem cell research. We see the potential of this research and the lives that can be impacted through this research, so we have hope for the future of embryonic stem cell research.

What is StemCraft?

StemCraft is a text adventure style game that promotes embryonic stem cell research by allowing the player to make the decisions on what happens to the embryo to see what outcomes may insure based on each decision.

What was our motivation?

Founder, Anthony Alerre, wrote an analytical research paper why Christians should support embryonic stem cell research and how embryonic stem cell research honors God through the Christian faith. This paper lead us to the idea of creating a game. He talks about giving new perspective to the reader about embryonic stem cell research, so instead of just talking about it, we decided to do it.

Stem Cells

Formation of Microspheres



Game Information

ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Platform: PC

Estimated Duration: 5-10min

Release Date: December 15, 2016

Price: $0.99


The purpose of this game is to inform the general public about the importance of embryonic stem cell research. We aim to shift the perspective of everyone to look at embryonic stem cell research through the lives of people who are affected by the outcomes of this research. Not many people see the first hand effects of embryonic stem cell research, so through this game, we allow them to do so. They get the chance to be the embryo, chose the type of cell they become, and decide on how they allow stem cell research to aid them in the recovery of a life threatening condition.

Why should YOU play?

You should play because you will get the opportunity to feel what it's like to be in a position where embryonic stem cell research is necessary for your survival. If there wasn't embryonic stem cell research, scientists wouldn't have made the major discoveries necessary for the development of the stem cell treatments required to save your life. You will develop an understanding that we don't get to chose if the embryo's live the rest of their lives as we do, but we can give their lives a purpose and use them for embryonic stem cell research to save others' lives rather than throwing their lives away in medical waste.


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