The Ins and Outs of Holes and Poles get your mind out of the bunker

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First tee: Where a round of golf play begins.

Handicap: A numerical representation of a golfer’s playing ability.

Par: The number of strokes per hole it should take a player to sink the ball in the cup. Holes measuring up to 250 yards are called par threes; from 251 to 475 yards are par fours; and any hole above 475 yards is considered a par five.

Ace: A hole-in-one. Hitting the ball into the hole in one stroke.

Regulation: When a player’s ball is on the green in one shot on a par 3 hole; 2 shots on a par 4; or 3 shots on a par 5.

Birdie: A score of one less than par.

Eagle: A score of two under par.

Double eagle or Albatross: A score of three under than par— a very rare occurrence.

Bogey: A score of one over par.

Double bogey: A score of two over par. Generally shortened to “a double.”

Mulligan: In casual play only, a “do-over” shot made to replace a poorly hit shot, taken without counting the stroke toward the score.

Bunker: A concave area containing sand or the like, considered a hazard.
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Fairway: The center, short-mown portion of a golf hole in between the teeing ground and the green.

The green: or putting green, is the culmination of a golf hole, where the flagstick and hole are located. Getting the golf ball into the hole on the putting green is the object of the game of golf. Every hole on every golf course in existence ends at the putting green.

Tee box: The area on a golf hole where the ball is first struck, also known as the “teeing ground.” Although you hear “tee box” a lot, “teeing ground” or “tee” are the preferred terms.
Fore: A warning shouted when the ball is heading toward a person.
Ranger: The golf course staff member who provides player assistance on the golf course and who is responsible for keeping the overall pace of play.
Caddie: The person who carries a golfer’s bag around the golf course.
A Round: Playing eighteen holes of golf.
Stroke play: A golf format in which the objective is to finish the game using the fewest total shots.

By: Haley Schukei


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