The Spider Monkey Exhibit By YUKI

Hi I am the zookeeper of the Spider Monkey. Today I am going to teach you about the amazing animal Spider Monkey.

Spider Monkeys are located in the Central and South America and some parts of Mexico. They live at the Canopy Rain forest and tropical jungles of South America. The reason it lives in the Rain Forest is that it has a lot of trees so that the spider monkey can hang on them.
Spider Monkeys eat fruits,young leaves,aerial roots, and sometimes bark and decaying wood. Spider monkeys also eat insects and small reptiles for protein. After they eat the fruits they spread out seeds so that more fruits will grow.
Spider Monkeys get there water from the ponds by scooping up the water and lick their hands but most get water from the leaves and some monkeys get it from drops of dew.
There are four types of spider monkeys. They grow about 50 cm plus the tail which can grow taller then the body. The spider monkey got there name by hanging on trees. The spider monkey can have all four hands on separate branches, so the spider monkey looks like a spider's web. There Scientific Name is Simia Paniscus. They are a omnivore. They live up to 15 to 27 years. There predators are humans, eagles, and Jaguars.
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