Fake News By Brandan and Evan

What is fake news?

Fake news is when someone thinks it is funny to make up fake news and people believe them and they share the news so they can get money when people click on there site

Who wrote it? Most fake news articles don't show the authors name

Old articles may not contain up to date facts!

Don't just take your idea off one site try to find more information before you share or spread the word or share

Check the link of the article because sometimes it says ".co" at the end of it which means that the article is fake

Check for supporting sources from other new sites for information, if you are not sure whether or not the website is fake and you can use Snopes.com this website will tell you if it is real or fake

Look for questionable quotes and photos

Does this statement sound possible

Alians shot done the cn tower

Do more research on their page, see if they have other fake news

Get more information on the news outlet that published it

check what news outlet published it

A list of fake news websites are









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