The Secret Book P211.T45

Nathan and I walked to where we heard the Silo was located that would lead us to what we needed to find. On the bottom of the silo was a call number for the library. The call number was P211.T45.

We then walked to the library and went to the front desk to ask for the book. The book was not located in the regular sections of the library and was in fact kept hidden behind the desk. She gave us the book and we went downstairs to see what was inside.

The book was in fact filled with signatures from students who have graduated from Clemson. This whole journey we took was very intriguing and actually quite fun. This is because of rhetoric.

Finding the book used some very important rhetorical appeals. First it used pathos because it made me think about how when I graduate school my name will be found in this book, as a part of history. In addition, it used ethos because the silo was built on school property. Simply by being a part of the university, credibility is established making me know there would be something worthwhile at the end of it. I believe going to the silo and finding the book is meant to represent the journey we will take at Clemson University, and hopefully by the end we will be able to graduate.

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