CARNIVAL PRIDE Spring break vacation

This is one of Carnival's top cruise's in their line. There are so much to see and do on them and you will never get bored. It takes off at Baltimore, Maryland. It will take us about 1 hour and 10 minutes to fly from the Canton-Akron airport to the Baltimore, Maryland airport. When we get to the boat we will find our room. We will get one of the really big suite to stay in for the week that we will be staying with them. The grand suites are the top rooms there and they offer everything the other rooms offer and more. There are many things we are going to do while we are on are cruise. The first stop on our cruise is the Grand Turk. Here we will do our first activity. We will first go on a snorkeling trip that will take us around the different areas in Grand Turk. The second stop on our cruise Princess Cays. Here we will do our second activity. We will go on a Princess Cays Coastal Cruise. It is where you take a private boat out onto the ocean and go around to see the different animals and things like that. You will see different reefs and different kinds of plants you wouldn't see anywhere else. The last stop on our cruise is at Freeport. At Freeport we will do another activity. The activity here is a really big house called the Bahamian house and hang out there. There we will have different activities to do and see different things. The other days we will be on the boat doing fun things that we can do on there. The cruise is best known for there Steakhouse, which is where we will go every night. Everyday they have different foods. These foods include steak, crab legs, lobster, pastas, salads and a lot more. They are most known for the steakhouse. This is everything we will be doing and this is a little break down of the trip.

This is the house we will stay at in Freeport.
This is what we will do in Grand Turk.
This is what we will do in Princess Cays.

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